2 months into my cryptocurrency experience.
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2 months into my cryptocurrency experience.

Anons first Crypto. Post #6

I've been investigating cryptocurrency and the decentralized web since the start of May 2020. This blog is an avenue of documentation and expression of my experience.

So far I've bought into some pretty silly tokens, alt season got the better of me that is for sure. I have had a few wins on some of my initial buys though, before I really knew what I was doing or aiming to do anyway, I feel I've moved on from just playing around as if it were a game to putting together something of a portfolio that I'm happy to #hodl for the foreseeable future and beyond.

About 1/3 of my initial buys were absolute trash to the point that a few were blatant scams in hind site, now they sit in my wallet with next to $0 liquidity as a reminder NOT TO BUY UNISWAP SCAMS, the gas to swap them for something of value is more then the potential gain I might make from selling them. My publish0x post regarding UniSwap PnD's



I'm not sure I'll break down my entire portfolio but my next post will look at my Top 3 holds since May, if you've followed some of my posts you can guess one of them will be GHOST however the other two are ones I've continued to accumulate due to the potential I see in them, luckily I've been able to quickly DCA my way to feeling like I bought in at the right time on both of them. Hopefully it will be an interesting post! Remember to always DYOR!


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Its very early in the morning, I found this site saying it can generate crypto for some of my posts or maybe photos, that would be very snazzy. *Everything I post is for entertainment purposes only. In fact I've never posted anything that wasn't satire.

Anons First Crypto
Anons First Crypto

I wanted to document my exploration of cryptocurrency as I'm incredibly fascinated by it, I missed out in the early days, I think the closest I came to BTC when I was younger was friends buying acid on the silk road, that enough enthralled me as to how it was possible/needed/useful/warranted. Anyway, I'm still unsure if I'll promote this anywhere, I don't really have a platform to do so on so probably not, I'm not sure if this blurb is even public or not. We shall see.

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