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Ankr’s SDK Offers Staking for Every Project & Platform

Enable easy staking for your users — works with any wallet, dApp, game, or web3 project!


Ankr is releasing a line of software development kits (SDKs) that allow blockchain developers to integrate staking solutions into their projects and platforms to give their users seamless staking opportunities.

These kits make it easy for any project to give its users the ability to stake their favorite coins and earn on supported Proof-of-Stake chains while branding their staking solution however they see fit.

Learn How to Integrate Staking for Your App

Ankr’s SDKs can greatly speed up staking integrations for projects that use JavaScript and TypeScript — all others can integrate directly with smart contracts as described in the API section of our docs: Staking API overview.

All Ankr Staking products are extensively tested, undergo rigorous security audits, and have live users. Read more about the process in our docs.

Have questions during the process? Reach out to the Ankr Staking team via Telegram or Twitter.

Secure Staking Infrastructure That’s Easy to Integrate SDKs currently available for 5 different blockchains.

Ankr offers secure and easy-to-integrate staking infrastructure to projects seeking to join our network of Enterprise Staking Partners. Our liquid staking grants users highly flexible staking with liquid staking tokens that provide a host of benefits and DeFi composability. However, devs will be able to choose the best kind of staking solution that is right for their uses, including normal delegate staking.

Staking Enabled For All Major Use Cases

Any project can integrate our staking solutions on the backend while giving their communities a completely custom front-end experience that best suits their users’ needs.

Having such a flexible staking experience enables several different use cases, with many new ones yet to be discovered:

  • Crypto wallets
  • DeFi protocols
  • Traditional finance
  • Web3 games
  • + more

Remove Staking Difficulty for Your Users

Ankr makes staking easy with only a few clicks separating users from substantial earnings. All users need to do is connect their wallet, choose what they want to stake, and receive rewards daily.

Unlock DeFi Composability

When stakers receive liquid staking tokens to hold in their wallets to collect rewards, they can also deploy them to DeFi platforms to potentially multiply their earnings with:

  • Liquidity mining opportunities
  • Farming rewards for Liquidity Providers
  • Staking rewards on farmed tokens
  • Automated yield farming rewards from vaults
  • Enhanced trading opportunities to exit staking any time

How Do Ankr’s Staking SDKs Work?

All developers need to do is plug our pre-written code into their project and create a suitable front-end experience their users can interact with.

On the backend, the staking solution will connect to Ankr Staking, which will delegate tokens to the most suitable validators and mint new liquid staking tokens that the stakers will claim to their independent wallets, such as MetaMask.

SDKs are now available for ETH, MATIC, BNB, FTM, and AVAX.

Stake Token Example

// stake aMATICc token
import { PolygonSDK } from '';

const sdk = await PolygonSDK.getInstance();

const { txHash } = await sdk.stake(new BigNumber(1_200), 'aMATICc');

Unstake Token Example

// unstake aMATICc token
import { PolygonSDK } from '';

const sdk = await PolygonSDK.getInstance();

await sdk.unstake(new BigNumber(1_200), 'aMATICc');

See More Code Snippets Here Have questions? Get in touch with the team below

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Ankr Network- The Blockchain Cloud Infrastructure

Ankr makes infrastructure for deploying any blockchain node easy, accessible, affordable and instantly distributed across the globe. Website: Telegram: https://t/me/ankrnetwork Node market: Node support group: https://t/me/AnkrNodeSupport

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