Wave, listen to me! After 3 episodes

By Polish Weaboo | Anime-zen | 22 Apr 2020


You SHOULD watch nami yo kiitekure aka wave! Listen to me.

It's another anime of the genre i call anime about passionate people doing things they enjoy, this time it is about a 26 yo woman Minare Moda who's drunken rumblings get played in a radio station live.

As of now only 3 episodes were aired but it captured my heart but it would be hard to pinpoint the one thing that did it but i can be very confident in saying that there are lots of things to like. First thing that you will see and i use this word especially because the animation is something you would expect out of an A or even S tier battle shounen. The movements are clear and during the first few minutes I was captured thinking "goddammit this anime has better animation than black clover", which isn't saying a lot but i can assure you the animation is crisp, clear and sakuga.

Then comes the jokes/voice acting, im talking here about both because voice acting is one of the strongest points that make the jokes work. The emotion and harshness of the main characters voice makes the jokes even better than they would normally and the fact that the voice of the Koda isn't high pitched makes it stand out across other anime and the only one that i can recall that had done something like this is beastars. Another small but very likable feature of the anime is the fact that it's not set in high school like almost all of the anime. Characters are adults, they need to earn money and the struggles are going to feel a bit closer.

I know that this may come as weird since it's got below 7 on both anilist and MAL but give it a shot, currently there are 3 episodes aired so it's perfect for you to try and see if you like it or not. 

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