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Wonder egg priority is something else


I watched a lot of anime and not that many of them actually concern themselves with more personal and darker parts of our lives like bullying one of the best ones being chuunibyuou demo koi ga shitai. That’s why I was excited in a way to find out about wonder egg priority. I’ve been through a lot in my life and even went through depression and I became very critical about a lot of the shows that tackled this issue specifically 13 reasons why. This is a very hard topic to tackle and when done right informs people about what it really is. Obviously, this is not the only topic that this anime talks about but it is the reason why I picked it up. So where should I even start?

Episode 1
This episode is supposed to introduce us to our main heroin Ooto Ai a 14-year-old who experienced things that really scarred her and made her even more antisocial than she was before. We are introduced to her strolling around the night and planting a tree when she meets a peculiar bug that can talk. He talks her into following him and gives her an egg with a “friend”. Throughout the episode, we follow our protagonist experience a dream-like sequence that through the environment lets us know about what happened to Ai in the past. This is something that caught my attention straight away since it’s pretty uncommon especially for anime to instead of doing an exposition scene(which did happen through a flashback but it wasn’t very intrusive and it happened at a part of the episode where we already got to know the Ai that is there right now). The music is nothing less of great. And after the OST gets released, I’m sure that I’m not going to be the only one putting it on their playlist because it’s great. The songs feel emotional when they need to empower the scenes that they are in but “action” sequences have music that makes you energetic and focused with its dubstep-ish vibes. The soundtrack I can confidently say is really fighting for the spot of the best score to an anime in this year. Visuals are the usual clover works sakuga. Crisp and detailed animation, it’s not going to be the best animation this year but it doesn’t need to since it does its job more than great enough. The backgrounds are really nice looking but the background characters sometimes look off-putting with a much different temperature of colourEp 2 intro scene

Character designs I got to say aren’t the most creative one’s apart from few exceptions like Acca but since the studio is trying to go for a more realistic look with their designs it is not something that should be taken as a negative thought, you might have flashbacks from some anime when seeing certain characters. Overall this episode is a roller-coaster of surprises, emotions, action and really makes you want to continue watching it.


Episode 2


First things first the opening. Oh god, the opening. The moment I saw it I had FLCL flashbacks for a good reason, real-life photos included in there makes it’s aesthetic more distinct and harder to forget. It emphasises the song with its contrast and brings a smile to your face in a weird sweet n sour way. The visuals in certain parts give that feeling of childlike innocence which fits the anime perfectly since the main character is only 14. The song will bring even a person with insomnia to sleep. It’s cozy, chill and calm. The beautiful voice of Saitou Shuka and the choir makes this song beautiful worthy of being a lead song to Makoto Shinkai's movie. It really makes you feel emotions when listening to. Almost like you are watching a heart-breaking scene. You can just close your eyes and feel all the emotions of such a scene. It contrasts pretty well what is happening on the screen with the main character just walking around eating food and showing characters that we will see later on in the anime. The opening in its entirety reminds me of Yuru Camp/ Sora yori mo Tooi Basho.

So coming to the 2nd episode I had expectations but what came in it really blew me away. This anime isn’t scared to tackle really dark topics and this episode comes at you with a punch of abuse from a teacher and a form of Stockholm syndrome. Our heroine gets a bit of an ego after the last episode but it’s quickly crushed after we meet the next girl that Ai needs to save called Minami. This was honestly hard to watch because of the bullying scenes we got from Ai’s past and what abuse has done to Minami.  The animation really kept up with the first episode which isn’t rare but isn’t expected so this is really nice to see. Seeing our girl learn about herself and us learning about her is something really nice to see even if it is heartbreaking. The music really really is a big highlight of this anime and the release of the music is something to look out for like I said in the beginning. I shall not comment on the ending because those are not really something, I’m a big fan of. All I can say is that if you like ending this one is very good. In certain ways, this anime reminds me of Adachi to Shimamura when it comes to its editing and changing scenes and I really dig it.

Episode 3

The episode starts with us being introduced to a new character of which name we don’t know about but her design speaks more than a thousand words about who she might be. Her big sword-like thing is a mix of scissors and utility knife maxes me worried especially combined with her tomboy way of talking. She looks like a rebel and I really dig it with her bomber jacket and a pink strand of her hair. Without even her telling her backstory we can assume (and that’s just my speculation before watching the whole episode) that she may not have been the best person and that the statue isn’t of a family member but someone who wasn’t really in her circle of young “gangsters”. After her short scenes at the start of the episode, I’m really interested. I don’t know if it's just me but I feel like artists forget that design of a character isn’t there just to look “cool” but it should also tell you about the character and their personality and also emphasise it. So about the episode itself. It wasn’t that much of a rollercoaster compared to previous episodes. Some of my suspicions about Kawai Rikka(the girl I talked about at the start) were confirmed some were not. 60% of the episode was getting to know Rikka and seeing those girls have fun. As it became a standard there were few flashbacks showing us one more event from Ai’s past which didn’t disappoint and made me feel stuff. By the end of the episode, we got a start to a new fight which looks even better which I got to just congratulate the animators for their hard work because this looked incredible. The OST took a turn during this fight though. At the start, we got a classic dubstep which turned into an acoustic guitar which while listening to gives off cowboy vibes but that might have been just me. After that, we got deep pipe organs which really emphasized the anger of the main heroin and the episode ended with some choirs that really made the fight look a lot bigger than it looked.

Episode 4


This episode starts with making you cry and feel horrible. We meet another character while she protects a young girl from monsters or rather, they have a small break from it. The girl tells her story about being molested and then ostracized by her mother for trying to protect herself. It really didn’t progress that much with the story but it taught us a bit about the rules of the world. It wasn’t the best way possible but I feel like it was fairly naturally introduced to us. It focused mainly on introducing the new character of Momoe who is kind of a tomboy and she is fairly regularly mistaken for a guy. Upbeat music throughout most of the episode made it really seem like finally, we could chill out for a bit which was a nice change of pace considering the fact that it’s been a rollercoaster of events since the start.

Final Thoughts:

I’m worried about this anime. I feel like they might run out of ideas before the end and that the fast progression may lead to a meh ending but considering its clover works and that the anime stayed very consistent with all of the technical aspects of the anime and most importantly in this genre the story and characters I also have my hopes that this might be one of the best anime this season and could fight for the spot of top 10 anime this year but we will see. For now, peace out

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