My little kitten

My little kitten

By yetaras | Animal Photos | 7 Sep 2019

In the middle of summer, my cat Sonya gave birth to two small kittens. At first we did not see them, because they were in a secret hiding place and Sonya did not allow us to look there. This is because the kittens were completely defenseless and blind. After a while, they crawled out of their nest and began exploring the outside world. They were so sweet and funny. Now kittens have grown up, they no longer need maternity care and can eat on their own, so we want to give them to good people. I did these photos for that. There are hardly any people who live close to me and want to take this kitten, but I'll just share these interesting photos here))







These photos were taken by me with camera Olympus PEN E-PL7, lens M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-150mm

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I like to take pictures and am interested in cryptocurrencies. Here I am able to combine these two of my hobbies!

Animal Photos
Animal Photos

Here I will post photos of animals - insects, birds and others - with a brief story of getting the photo

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