By Etthegreat | angrywhiteguy | 8 Apr 2021

So I have used that new search engine I must say I like it. It is just like pretty much every other search engine except you can get paid to search stuff. Now I have thoroughly searched many things just to see how good this search engine is.
Presearch mostly brings up cryptocurrency if one exists for what you searched. Such as I typed in the word jump and Jumpcoin came up as the top result. I have3 never heard of Jumpcoin. It is worth less than a cent American. Which is why I probably never heard of it.
If any of you knew me you would realize just how messed up I can be. Anyways here are just a few questions I have asked and the answers I have received. Does a butterfly fart? Yes it does. What is the average porn star’s boob size? 34B - yes I was surprised to Will a snake eat cheese? Yes but its not good for them. What foods are bad for a guinea pig? Meat, cat,dog, and ferret food. What animal can survive without water? The kangaroo rat can survive without drinking water but gets water from the seeds it eats. What is the cheapest cell phone? Just a bunch of ads like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and ads for a cheap cell phone plans. I was watching Family Guy one day and Stewie was doing a play based on Terry Schivo. Yes, I know I spelled the name wrong. Yes she came up and a bunch of right to life stuff also came up.
Now for all you gamers out there. I have been playing Borderlands 3 for Xbox One. Yes at certain times I have gotten stuck and not known the way to go to find what I needed. Normally, I just use the speech search that comes with my phone and supports google. Now I have started using presearch to start looking up everything I needed to go along with Borderlands 3. I gotta say with videos being showed later in the search results presearch showed me what I needed to know.
Let’s say, for whatever reason, that your totally happy with the search engine you already have. Presearch allows you to use many different search engines while still earning presearch tokens. You can use youtube, Google, DuckDuckGo, Etherscan, coinmarketcap, Twitter, and many, many others.
Now for the bad stuff that almost makes it not worth it. You have a minimum withdrawal of 1.000 tokens. I’ve been working with presearch for about two weeks. I don’t have even 50 tokens yet. For a day to day search engine it ain’t worth it. You have to do nothing but searching all day every day to make this worth it. PRE is worth about $0.10 USD. So when you withdraw you will have a $100. You earn .12 tokens every time you search something. So you will need to search 8,334 times before you are able to withdraw once. You can search up to 30 times(I believe) per day. So it will take you 278 days before you have an option of withdrawing. In comparison the American Baseball season is 187 days. An American football season is at most 200 days and that’s adding somedays to it. According to Presearch you earn in between .25 to .5 PRE for every search. This is a LIE. I earn .12 for every search.

Asking the question “how long will it take me to earn enough PRE to withdraw with the maximum amount of searches per day” returns a bunch of stuff about 401ks and retirement. Please don’t take my word for it but try it yourself. PRE doesn’t even come up. I went to page 10, which was the last page in the search, and PRE wasn’t mentioned once.

So in conclusion, I guess if you got the time and want to give it a shot go for it, but to reasonably make some money I don’t recommend it. The withdrawal limit is just to high. Besides who knows what’ll happen in 278 days. The site could be hacked. The search engine could be shut down. Just a hundred different things could happen in that timeframe. Plus you can’t just pick two random things like fly and frog and just keep searching those things over and over again.
I'm sorry I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get a screenshot of my minimum tokens and how much I earn per search but if you are truly interested I can email it to you. Well I hope you have learned something and are all doing good.



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