Merlin - Downward Spiral Mantra


This tune is included in Downward Spiral Mantra's 4th LP 'Black Raindrops' (2019).. Hope you enjoy listening and if you wish to listen to the full song and album for higher quality sound and more songs like this please follow any of the links below:



Downward Spiral Mantra is an electronic project from Madrid, Spain that began early 2017. The project dwells on progressive trance, hard and Acid/PsyTrance, Techno, Minimal as well as Industrial, EBM sounds and experimental dark ambient tracks. Downward Spiral Mantra has released to this time 4 LPs and 1EP Downward Spiral mantra (2017), Overdrive (2017), Adaptation (2018), The Dharma Bums EP (2019) and the last album Black Raindrops (2019) .

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Fireproof - Downward Spiral Mantra feat. Gjart and BetaPsi



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Downward Spiral Mantra
Downward Spiral Mantra

Electronic music producer Techno, Hard Trance, Progressive. Goa, Minimal, Ambient, Experimental

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