Weekly Psychic Forecast - 25th to 31st October

Your Psychic Predictions for the Week Ahead

As you may have noticed, your energy forecast for this last week of October is a day later than usual, and with good reason! There was an enormous energy shift on Monday 25th October which knocked me for six!

Many people, especially sensitive people like empaths, healers and spiritual workers may be feeling this one too. Some of you may be experiencing symptoms of colds or flu or some other ailments out of the blue, or just feeling a bit "off" and not knowing why. Rest assured, it's not just you, if you're affected by this shift you're in good company!

Although the side-effects of this shift may not be pleasant and some will still be feeling them as the week moves on, energetically we are having a mini-revolution of our own this week as we move towards Samhain (Halloween) which marks the "end" of the pagan year.

I'm shown that those working in the new energy may see an uptick in their finances, especially those who are moving more into alternative currencies and moving their work or business away from the old systems of doing things. 

The old paradigms of "might is right" and "dog eat dog" are literally crumbling in front of our eyes right now and I'm shown some financial or societal incentives giving the pioneers of the new economy, the empathy economy, showing up to support those people actively working towards finding new solutions that genuinely help people.

It's not just about the money anymore - what you do for a living must also make a positive difference to people's lives, so again many people may find themselves questioning their entire career or their current job this week as the energies of the new age heighten and remind us that we are all one, and that we must do no harm to others for our personal gain or benefit.

This does have the potential to cause rifts and arguments both internally and with loved ones, colleagues or friends as society seems to be literally splitting into two groups, as I've mentioned many times before. This is the Great Separation which precedes the new golden age, where the energetic pioneers start to pull away from the peloton. 

The momentum for those working in the new energy is increasing, and we will start to see alternative businesses and community enterprises who are working for the common good, rather than for oppressive authorities, or trying to force others to do as they want, being uplifted and finding things going their way in perhaps unexpected ways as we ride this new wave of supportive energy.

Stay true to your ideals, lead from the heart and dream what your life could look like in a more harmonious and kinder world, and expect good things to happen this week, especially in financial matters!

This week's angel message comes from card number 15 of the Angel Wings Oracle, Anger:


There is a darker underbelly to this week's positive shift and hopeful energy of positive change. The angels remind us that we may be feeling frustrated or even angry with people who seek to hold us back, or who disagree with our choices during this challenging period in history.

The Great Separation is a time when many people take a huge leap forwards, but the flip side is that many don't, in fact the majority right now will not be pioneers of the new age, even if they are moving in the right direction.

This can cause disputes and rifts in relationships. If you've spent much time in or around the "new age" community you may have come across toxic positivity and misguided teachers telling you that you have to always be happy and never feel anger or any undesirable emotions. Some may have even told you that they are "so evolved" they have "moved beyond anger" and don't experience it anymore. And I'll tell you now, that is completely false. Be extremely wary of anyone spouting such holier than thou rhetoric!

All of your emotions exist for good reason, and they all need to be felt and experienced at some point. 

Our task right now is to learn to accept and integrate all aspects of ourselves, and that includes the angry or darker parts too. Only when we can genuinely come into an internal state of harmony will we see that harmony reflected in the outside world.

This week may be marked by conflicts and perhaps even the need to walk away from relationships, jobs or situations that just don't fit anymore. This is not an easy process, but it may be necessary, so listen to your gut and walk away with confidence and strength if the time is right. 


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