Weekly Psychic Forecast - 20th - 26th September 2021

Your Psychic Predictions for the Week Ahead

This week is presenting itself with a very challenging energy and I think emotions could run high with fears of shortages, scarcity or lack being at the forefront of many people's minds regardless of what the real situation is. 

The week starts out with a full moon on Monday which I feel will be bringing to light any feelings of lack, any hint of a poverty consciousness that we may still be carrying, and making us look at the things that we fear. We are challenged to look our fears in the face, and realise that despite what we might worry about, fear is not real, and the lack or scarcity we may be experiencing is artificial.

We are infinite beings, and we have access to almost limitless resources in this lifetime but we play it small, act as though everything is about to run out from one moment to another, and as a result we create more lack, and less of things rather than creating the abundance and true wealth that is our birth-right. It's little wonder that we carry these unhelpful beliefs given how our society, culture, schools, governments etc train us almost from birth that we are bad, selfish, worthless, undeserving and that we should always do as we are told by our "betters," even if it is to our detriment. 

But the mask is falling now, Toto is pulling back the curtain and many will have even more confirmation this week that those at the top of society have positioned themselves there through deceit and deception, and that the shortages we may see are nothing more than a set up. The full moon will shine a light on the manipulation and I feel many people may be shocked by what they discover when it comes to light.

I would also caution that there will be fake revelations too, as those who hold the power are masters of manipulation (which is why they hold the power in the first place!) and I think we will need to keep our wits about us to discern what is truly real and what is not. 

Some people, who are rising to higher levels of energetic vibration, perhaps through spiritual practise, may already start to notice that some aspects of this reality are beginning to appear less "real" than others, as though we are moving energetically away from this world into a new one. I've had some of these experiences myself recently, and I'm told I will not be the only one to notice this. You may start to encounter things that don't seem real and feel on a deep level that what you are looking at doesn't belong in your reality. It's a very odd feeling, so you'll know if it happens! You may also notice that memories start to blur between real life events and dreams as we move into a new place energetically. 

Boundaries will also be of the utmost importance this week, not only on the national level but on a personal level too with challenging individuals trying to pull you backwards on your spiritual path or overstepping the boundaries in unexpected and rather rude or abrupt ways. A spiritual suit of armour would be advisable to get through this week!

Remember not to be distracted by any of the events going on around you, and keep your focus on your own personal, spiritual and inner goals. Your intention right now must stay true to continue the manifest the new positive world we are due to move in to. Stay clear and aligned with your ideals, your beliefs and your heart, but detached from how that vision will present itself. I believe that our future will look very different to how we may be expecting it to, but we will not be disappointed! Change is here, and the final sprint for the finish line is about to begin. 

This week's angel message comes from card number 12 of the Angel Wings Oracle, Shadow:

12 Shadow

This week there is a powerful reminder that all that is shadow is not to be feared, only integrated and understood.

I dropped the moniker of "lightworker" some time ago, because I realised that our spiritual path demands not only that we live in the light, but that we also embrace and understand our shadow in order to become whole, integrated and fully ourselves. We must take a holistic approach to our self growth and self acceptance. 

When we try to exist only in light, we can end up rejecting the shadow aspects of self, and that in itself can cause deep wounding that will only get worse and fester until it is brought back into the fold. This is one of my criticisms of mainstream religions and also some aspects of the the New Age movement, which seems to make being perfect the only option to the point where it can become an ego trip.

Life isn't about being perfect and only being light and love - you are already made of that, and you came here to experience duality, shadow, suffering and darkness. It is only when we fully integrate the lessons that the shadow brings us that we can move on from this reality, and to do so requires personal experience, radical honesty and self-acceptance. 

The shadow self is nothing to be feared or reviled, but it is not to be elevated or excessively admired either. I think that is where many people go wrong. We may realise that the whole "holier than thou" bit is false and lacking substance, so we may gravitate to the opposing end of the spectrum, expecting to find our answers and validation there instead. Now that may work to a point, but the truth is always in the middle, where the two can meet and come into perfect harmony.

Balance is the key lesson this decade, and shadow is needed to form the balance with light.


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