Weekly Psychic Forecast - 18th - 24th October 2021

Your Psychic Predictions for the Week Ahead

I'm shown a positive message for romantic relationships to begin this week, and I can see that many people will either be resolving their differences, getting back on track or perhaps getting back out there after some disappointments. This is a hopeful time, and the energy feels right for new possibilities and growth, whether you are single or already in a relationship. 

I feel that the feminine energy will be leading this shift, so expect the changes to come on a more subtle level, perhaps reaching new levels of emotional maturity and understanding. 

The week also highlights another aspect of the divine feminine which is the energy of the high priestess - psychic insight, higher wisdom and knowledge. 

This is a very good week for meditative contemplation, spiritual study and taking time out from the day to day world to explore your spirituality and psychic ability in a deeper fashion. Magical or spiritual study will be facilitated by this week's energy, so if you've been waiting to take an online course, or read a particular book to learn about a spiritual or occult topic, get to it! Your study will be supported. 

This week also speaks to me of the need to find a better balance in our lives between the mundane and the spiritual - our spirituality needs to have a bigger, more important place in our lives than just something we pay lip service to once a week, or when it serves. This is part of a much bigger picture of the world changing and evolving, so don't be surprised if you find  yourself yearning for the opportunity to explore and honour that part of yourself more regularly. 

This would be a wonderful time to plan a small altar in your home or garden, and to dream about ways to incorporate the mystical into your life, and weave it into your day to day. We may have forgotten than everything is sacred and that there is no real separation between the spiritual and the everyday world, but it never stopped being true. Building your spiritual resilience will pay off in the years and months to come. 

The final aspect of this week is shown to me as excessive worry and fear of the future. The world can seem very frightening right now, and it's easy to let anxiety or worry get out of hand. try to make sure you keep things in perspective and lean into your spirituality, or ask the angels to support and guide you if you find yourself struggling with dark thoughts and fears. 

This week's angel message comes from card number 17 of the Angel Wings Oracle, Sight:


This week the angels are whispering to me of secrets being uncovered and many things coming to light, coming into our sight that we could not see before. Whether it's uncovering corruption on a national or international scale, or simply realising that a friend or family member is not all that they appear to be, there will be some interesting revelations this week. 

I would caution against the temptation to fall into arrogance or "I told you so" if other people are realising things for the first time, when you already knew. Nobody is perfect and we each walk our own unique path and come to realisations when the time is right for us on an individual level.

I also want to reiterate the message from above that our psychic sight and abilities may be more on point this week, and predictions made in this energy may be more accurate than normal. Listen to your intuition this week, and don't dismiss any signs or dreams that feel as though they have a strong meaning for you. You may not understand what they mean right away, but the message will become clearer as time goes on. 

This would be a good week to begin a dream diary or journal and make a note of any visions or dreams that you have, so you can refer back to them in due course. 


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