Are You Clairaudient?

Are You Clairaudient?

When you start to uncover and develop your psychic or higher abilities, something that many people notice is that one ability is often stronger or more noticeable than the others.

In principle, we all have the potential to use all of the following higher or psychic abilities: 

- Clairvoyance - psychic seeing

- Clairaudience - psychic hearing 

- Clairsentience - psychic feeling

- Claircognisance - psychic knowing 

- Clairalience -  psychic smelling or tasting  (that's always a fun one!)

All of these higher or psychic senses are completely natural and normal, but just like with our five physical senses, some people are more adept at one specific one than others, just as in the physical world some people have a better sense of hearing or sight than other people do.

Unlike our physical senses though, our psychic senses have the ability to be developed and improved, and are not dependent on the age or condition of the physical body.

Today I'd like to talk about clairaudience because it's an ability that I work with a lot myself, and a higher, psychic sense that I personally consider to be one of my strongest.

I think most people have heard of clairvoyance, but the other senses are probably less well known. Clairaudience isn't a particularly common one, but it's probably more prevalent than we realise.

Clairaudience is the higher or psychic ability to hear. This means that we literally hear our communication from the spirit realms, angels, spirit guides, fairy realms or our higher selves. Most of the time we hear the words in our minds, but occasionally when the energy is potent enough, we may also hear spirit communication with our physical ears as well, although that is much less common.

The reason for this, as I understand it, is that it's far more difficult for spirit or the higher realms to communicate with us using lower vibrations that our physical ears would interpret as sounds. Couple that with the fact that it would be very confusing and distracting in our day to day life to hear spirit communication as actual sound, and you can see why that isn't how it's normally done!

I've always found it ironic that although I'm clairaudient, my physical hearing actually isn't that good at all! I suffered with recurring ear infections as a child and into adulthood, and I'm aware that my ears aren't in the best shape as a result. You might think that a physical weakness in this area might negatively affect the psychic ability of clairaudience, but as I discovered recently, that's not the case at all.

I was communicating with a lovely man in spirit for a client not long ago, and yes I was using my clairaudience to do most of the communication! Sometimes it's easier for spirit to just tell me what they want to say, although it's not always that straightforward.  

I sensed that my client was also clairaudient. The spirit person I was communicating with for her had brought my attention to that fact, and had some interesting insights to impart to us both about communication through clairaudience. One of the things he mentioned to me during our 'chat' was that people who are strongly clairaudient may actually experience problems with their physical ears and hearing. Apparently the two often go hand in hand. 

This was news to me, because I wasn't aware that there was a correlation between ear or hearing problems and clairaudience. He told me it's very common for clairaudients to have tinnitus or recurring ear infections, both of which I have done many times throughout my life.

I found this fact absolutely fascinating and quite unexpected, so I wanted to share this with any other clairaudients out there.

I'm pretty sure that it's not a prerequisite to have suffered with ailments of the ears in order to become clairaudient (don't go hurting your ears, kids!) but I did find it fascinating that there is an energetic correlation there nonetheless. 

In children, ear infections can be a symptom of turmoil and parents arguing or saying cruel things around them. It's as if the body is literally trying to turn off their hearing ability so the child doesn't have to listen to the hurtful words anymore. I can see how shutting off physical hearing might allow the child to hear spirit more easily and pay attention to that ability as physical sounds would have effectively been muted, which would facilitate the greater development of clairaudience. 

Clairaudience is also a very useful skill to use for telepathy which is the communication via thought from one person to another. In an abusive or chaotic household, it's often the case that abused children become highly psychic, empathic and good at anticipating the moods, wants or desires of the abusive parent, and again a highly developed clairaudient ability would certainly help with that.


I think there are many reasons that we naturally develop our psychic abilities, and self-preservation seems to be a powerful one for many people! It would make sense that our body & spirit would use whatever skills or abilities were available to them to keep us alive and well under difficult circumstances. 

The good news however is that there are much happier and nicer ways to develop these abilities through meditation and psychic development, so it's certainly not necessary to suffer for your skills!

Are you clairaudient? Please leave a comment below and join in the conversation!

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