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By Naveed Siddique | Android Zone | 17 Jan 2021

Android was one of Google's most successful projects
But Google made it completely free after making Android
The answer is the same
Google doesn't want you to leave Google's ecosystem
And he loses profits
You will say
We use Android
Or use Google Apps
They are all free
What good is Google then?
Here is a small thing to keep in mind
"Where the product is free you are the product"
Well, Google is doing its best
To somehow keep the user in their ecosystem
You will be surprised to know this
In 2014, Apple decided to use a default search engine instead of Google in the Safari browser.
So Google regularly paid ارب 1 billion to make Google the default search engine in the Safari browser
And since then, he has been giving Apple a billion dollars every year
And last year in the UK it paid ڈی 1.5 billion to make Google the default search engine for Safari.
Well, it's all about the ecosystem
So even if the apps are free, they are sold to the user as a product
Let me introduce you to some Google apps
But before that, remember that every Google app connects to Google's mail service Gmail account
Which keeps the data safe

1: Google Keeps
This is Google's Notes Savings application
You can write any language in it with a very simple and easy interface
It contains articles, or any memo
All of your notes will be stored online here as you connect to Gmail
You change the device
Or open your computer and you will find your notes there

2: Google Drive
This is Google's online cloud-based storage service
Google gives you 15 GB of free storage
You can save all your files on the drive
God willing, your data is lost
Even then, your backup will be safe on Google Drive
But here you get only 15 GB of story
You can either buy storage for extra storage
Or create four or five Gmail accounts

3: Chrome
This is an Internet browser created by Google
By the way, you can find dozens of types of browsers
But the browsing experience you get in Chrome
You won't find it in any other browser
Google Chrome is currently the most used browser in the world
In Android, Chrome comes with Google Play Services
But the joke is also popular on PC
Microsoft Browser is used only once
When Chrome is down
Here you can gauge its popularity

4: Google Photos
The group often has questions
That my important photos were deleted
How to bring it back
The problem is that if something is so important, you should back it up
Photos are the most important thing for the majority
So this application is for people who want to save photos
Or they may be afraid that their data will be deleted someday, but this application is still very useful.
If you are very much interested in taking photos
So Google Photos can be useful for you
Because more pictures will drain your mobile storage
Here you can select one or more folders on Google Photos
From which you will take a photo as soon as possible
It will be automatically uploaded to Google Photos
And you can choose this option if you want
Delete from the device after the online photo is saved
One thing to keep in mind here
There are two types of services on Google Photos
An original photo
In which your image is uploaded in original quality
But that costs you 15 GB of cloud storage
Which I mentioned above in Google Drive
When you upload an image in optimized quality, you get unlimited storage.

5: YouTube
If you can't compete with anything
So buy it
How simple it is
If you can't compete with the Facebook WhatsApp, then buy it
Similarly, when Google came to know about the potential of YouTube, YouTube was bought by Google.
Like Google Photos, YouTube is Google's video upload platform
Although YouTube is used in the style of a public platform
Where videos are uploaded and made public
And trying to get views
There is another side to YouTube
That is, you can upload a video to YouTube and make it private
You can upload unlimited videos on YouTube
No storage issues
Yes, one thing to keep in mind
The video uploaded to YouTube is processed and resized
Which leads to a slight decrease in quality
But still, if you have no other means, you can upload videos to YouTube and make them private.
The third aspect is that you can also make money from the public videos you create on YouTube

6: Socratic by Google
This unique application purchased by Google can be very helpful in your studies
This will help you solve the math problem
All you have to do is ask a question
Interestingly, even if you write the question with your finger, the app's artificial intelligence can easily understand your question.
Of the question asked
This app will explain you every step in full detail
Initially, this app was only for Meth
But now it has added support for the rest of the article

7: Gboard
Gboard is a virtual keyboard made by Google
With which you can type in every major language of the world
You can also speak and write
It also has Urdu support with Urdu vocabulary

8: Google Contacts
As the name suggests
This app saves your mobile contacts online

9: Gmail
This is Google's mail service
A Gmail account is required for every Google service

10: Google Maps
Google's flagship Maps technology application that lets you view navigation in any area
You can also save offline maps
Live traffic coverage is also provided in major cities
Where you will know which road is the busiest
Or which road is empty?
This feature is usually detected by the GPS of the phones
Once a young man set the navigation of a hundred phones on a trolley and turned on their GPS.
The road he used to go to the Google servers data that more than a hundred vehicles are stuck in a traffic jam on this road

11: Google Play Store
The Play Store is Google's App Store
Where different developers upload different types of applications
And you can install any app you need
The largest app store in the world right now is the Google Play Store
There are about two to three million applications

12: Google Assistant
Google Assistant is a Google search-style virtual assistant
You can now assign different tasks to your phone by speaking
Such as
Call such and such a servant
Draw a map of the area
Open such and such application
Play such and such a song on YouTube
Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....
There are hundreds of such commands that you can give to Google Voice Assistant

13: Snapseed
Snapseed is a completely free photo editing application developed by Google
One of the best features of which is image expansion
Plus, you'll be getting rid of clutter you don't need
This is my favorite application in photo editing application

14: GCam
GCam is actually a camera application built for Google Pixel phones
It shows the perfection of software
Only one app takes image quality to the level of masterpiece through software
Although not available for every phone
But you use Xiaomi's phone
So there is a 90% chance that the GCam mode version for your phone will be available on the Internet
Which you can download by Google

15: Google PhotoScan
Like the name implies, it is a kind of digital scanner
With this app you can get old photos which are available in paper form
Make digital prints of them
It scans a photo four times
From which the photo quality goes from the best to the best

There are currently about a dozen Google applications on the Play Store
I have written a brief introduction to these apps
Which are most used
While in some more applications
Google News
Google Calendar
Google Play Music
Google Play Games
Google Todo List
Google One
Google Pay
Google Duo
While most are as application services
Such as play services

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