9 Tips to #UplandWealthBuilding

By andrph | andrph | 23 Apr 2022

Upland has been one of my favorite games for the last year or so. I really like the concept behind it where you can own a property in the metaverse that has a real-world equivalent, flip it for profit or hodl it for the whatever reason you have. I actually learned about Upland from one of the articles here in Publish0x so I owe my Upland journey to this community and this article is sort of me giving back. 

I started out fairly slow in Fresno when there were still FSAs available. FSAs are properties reserved for new players with less than 100k net worth. I was able to maximize the starter collections: city (two or three properties in the same city), newbie (any property), king of the street (three properties in the same street) and city pro (five properties in the same city). I was able to participate in the Oakland release since the train fare was cheap and managed to snag some FSA properties near the station. This is probably one of my best decisions in-game since I sold them for 20x-40x their mint price which gave me a huge boost.

Now, here's where I got stuck. I decided that it was wise to stay in Oakland and just buy from the secondary market while other cities were being released. I had no proper reason for it, too. I was not doing treasure hunt (I hate treasure hunts but some discord friends love it as they get sizeable UPX and even spark there, but I have not gotten around learning it). Nor does Oakland have any real-life sentimental value. I was just playing without much strategy at this point. I stayed there until the Los Angeles release (which is fairly recent, I know lol). What prompted me to move was I saw discord friends making hundreds of thousands UPX speculating for possible collections and whaling during releases.

With more than a year and 2M net worth (trust me it's not much compared to true whales out there) under my belt, here are some tricks you might want to consider to fast-track your growth:

Tip 1: Join an Upland community. There's a lot in Discord. Most are very newbie-friendly since we all want to keep the game going and growing. My personal favorite is Cryptomonkeys. We help visitors get to uplander if you ask nicely. MonkeyMiles is active again so you can send to monkey properties every 6 hours to join the raffle and its own version of the treasure hunt where you can win a random cryptomonkey NFT. For more information you can go here.

Tip 2: Join city releases. Especially vanilla releases. Vanilla is when there are no announced collections yet. (Collections are usually announced after a week.) This way you get to mint the properties yourself which is way cheaper than buying from the secondary market. Uplanders and visitors get the most out of it because FSAs are still available to them. Check out Analytic Assassins in discord as they do research on which neighborhoods/locations/streets will be part of a collection. You can always do your own research but additional information won't hurt. Ofc, their content is not financial advice so use at your own risk.

Tip 3: Load up on sends before a release. You get 10-11 max a day so it's wise to pick some up before the new city is deployed so you can easily send to locations where you want to buy.

Tip 4: Disable settings like "show ownership celebrations", "enhanced graphics" and "show 3d objects" during a city release so you can minimize app-crashing or lags. 

Tip 5: If you can, buy 3 properties in a neighborhood/street during city release so if your speculation is right, you can get that sweet bonus. I cannot tell you how many times I bought one or two properties in a given location which turned out to be a collection but couldn't get the bonus because I missed buying three.

Tip 6: Wait for spark week before upgrading levels say, from Uplander to Pro, Pro to Director, etc for bonus spark.

Tip 7: Snipe properties. You can use upxland which is a handy tool that shows you unminted or for sale properties in a given city, neighborhood or collection. I was able to buy properties selling for a fraction of their actual price and made some nice profits.

Tip 8: If you can, save up for the next city release. The passive income is nice and all but the gains you get from flipping is much better. My monthly income right now is 25k but I earned north of 100k in the Queens' release. And I haven't sold 90% of my Queens' properties yet! 

Tip 9: Be nice to everyone especially new players. If you can spare a send or two to help them get to Uplander status, please do. Games grow because of the community so let's build a kind a one. If you are a visitor and currently in Queens, feel free to give me a shoutout here and I will send you a couple of sends. Just make sure you max out the visitor fee so it's worth it. :) 

Right now, my strategy is to just rinse-repeat. The most enjoyable part for me remains the flipping. The NFT shops and NFL partnership has been lukewarm thus far since there is not much utility yet. The game is still pretty young though and has a lot of promise and I can't wait to see it grows this year!


Credits: https://medium.com/@uplandme for the thumbnail image.

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