AION  price analysis : AION is on an obvious trend upward. It has not broken out compltely like VET . ADA or XLM. I think it will soon . I clean breakout of 1300-1350 . One would consider riding that trend just like XLM , ADA and VET . Alts are trending upward. Of course BTC will determine the outcomes but if it continues to range not puke or pump , alts should run a bit more. Dominance had a small retrace today but some and I expect it to dump a bit more to lower levels of of 60-61 levels to let alts run more . For possible corrections in Lower Time Frames for most. AION clean break out of 1300-1350 to possibly highs of 2000levels of 60-61 for alts to run more

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TA _ Technical Analysis HTF
TA _ Technical Analysis HTF

TA analysis , mostly High Time Frames . I am an investor and trader.

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