Hermes, the Greek Messenger

By AncientCulture | Ancient Culture | 11 Aug 2021


How is his personality?   What were his greatest achievements?   And, the most importantly: Who does he remind you of?   These questions will be answered in the text below.  

Hermes Hermes can be described as a kind of mixture of the gods Osiris (Egyptian) and Loki (Viking) because since he was born he liked to play pranks and jokes with his brothers, like Apollo, and other Greek gods, but he was also very intelligent and skilled with the words.   He is the son of Zeus and Maia (daughter of Atlas), brother of Apollo, Athena, Hercules, and all the many sons of Zeus. One of his many pranks was to play a prank with Apollo's flock, but when he grew up he tried to redeem himself by giving some gifts to Apollo, and also helped humanity and the gods with various gifts.   Welcome to Hermes' Ancient File.


Son of zeus The messenger god made it very clear that he came into the world to play pranks and have fun, an example of which is that when Hermes was still a baby, he stole his brother Apollo's herd and reversed the animals' hooves. And seeking more and more challenges, Hermes stole Aphrodite's belt, the goddess Artemis' arrows and even Poseidon's trident.   Although Hermes only steals for fun, the jokes that the god of speed played also ended up drawing the attention and adoration of several criminals who asked Hermes to help them in their crimes.

Great achievements

playful god Hermes participated in great wars and disputes of the Olympians, but also of humans, as for example in Gigantomachy, and in the great war of Troy (where he sided with Troy).   He was the Trojan god's advisor during the great Trojan war, but despite having helped Troy in the great war, he also helped the hero Ulysses when he arrived on the island of the witch Circi who turned into animals everyone who came.  

Hermes greece Hermes has as one of his duties, to take everyone who dies to the ferryman (at the door of the underworld).   He also helped some of his half-brothers, such as Hercules, who received a sword to make him more powerful and Perseus, who received from Hermes the winged sandals to help kill the jellyfish.   Hermes taught the alphabet and numbers to humans, in addition to presenting Apollo with the Lira (which is one of his greatest symbols) and teaching how to compose music for society.

Hermes today

Hermes file The "soul" or characteristics of Hermes can be found in people who prefer to live lightly, without too much pressure and in the most fun way possible, but who are also smart and creative to convince people and use the best words. possible way.   It's not an exaggeration to think that the spirit of Hermes is even in memecoins, such as DOGE (created to be just a meme, but which ended up gaining many followers).   Hermes can be directly connected with the god Loki, for his antics, Dionysus for always looking for fun, and Toth (for he also taught writing to mankind). It's always good to remember that a god, like humans, should not be reduced to just one ability, as they have many different characteristics and even personalities, each of which is unique.     And you, who does Hermes remind you of?

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