Let there be color

By JayanthKumar | anchoredalemaari | 27 Apr 2020

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, the computer was a big deal among many Indian children. I used the b&w screen computer for the first time during my first grade and I do remember (for sure) that I passed the exams on the full score. A perfect 25 out of 25 in computer Qbasics. When I moved to 3rd grade, we were introduced to the color screen computers and were taught MS Office applications. At times when the computer teacher was absent, we were allowed to use the paint application. The computer lab instructor showed basic operations in the application. He drew randomly using a pencil tool, then some circles, rectangles and started to fill them with colors. Apart from the blue and green landscape of the wallpaper which was the only color monitor experience so far, the screen started to fill with a lot of colors something like in the following picture.


As the world is nearly in a lockdown with people social distancing, I found many people either working from home or tweeting, posting pictures of their quarantine lifestyle. As a kind of laid back person, I do neither of it. I’m spending most of the time thinking about what to do and less time editing some videos, reading and watching movies.

I wanted to break this routine. So I took out my flatmate’s touch screen laptop/ tablet. To begin with, in my second ever attempt of sketching human, I started sketching my friend’s weird expression which he posed when I asked for one.

It didn’t turn out to be good. It was a disaster. The only consolation was when my friend said that it was way lot better than what he could have done.

montesh_cropped Yes, he posed with a weird expression

I was happy that I finally did something productive. With a little sense of achievement, I looked through my window. It was surprisingly bright in contrast to the current crisis. I felt a rush of let’s do some more. The 7yo artistic personage of me took over the stylus and started to paint circles using the brush tool. I filled the page with circles of different colors. After each colored circle, the vibrance of my art matched the brightness outside. Gave a bit of crayon touch here and there. And tadaa! I made a vibrant art (excluding photography and videos) after a long long time.

mjayart my art

I drew colored circles to reflect the vibrance in these gray times. Green grass, blue skies, and a cat staring at me in the foreground seemed as colorful as my colored circles. I have little idea on what to make out of this art, but my intuition resonated to keep it more bright and vibrant. 

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Jayanth Kumar, engineer by profession and a curious person in the world of art and literature by passion. Born and brought up in Bengaluru, loves vegetarian foods and some non-veg meals too and 'chai' being icing on cake for evenings.


Alemaari, a Kannada word means a wanderer in English. Anchored alemaari blog is about the wandering thoughts presented through the writing, stories, photos and videos.

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