The 2020 Whale Early Warning System: What We learn from 2020 'Hind Sight'
Whales rule and Lemmings drool..

The 2020 Whale Early Warning System: What We learn from 2020 'Hind Sight'

Rigged Markets? 

Privileged Early Knowledge to make moves in the stock and bond markets unavailable to the rest?

One look at the BTC charts spanning the events which led up to the Crash of 2020 March 9th in the world of Fiat reveals crypto markets and their Whales are a useful crypto & fiat investor early warning system.

The Big Whales in crypto are also fronts/operatives for even Bigger Whales in fiat.  Crypto is a hi-risk hi-return in a short period of time market opportunity, peppered with OTC and private bets (to support the PUT/CALL behavior of the gamblers of types both short and long.)

So nothing new here, Biz as usual right? Whales always win? Well it doesn't have to be that way..,

The Real Score

Sure, except the first wave of crypto sell off action,  which was a gentler slope, started around late March 7th, 2020, BEFORE the fiat 2020 crash on the 9th AND, is a VERY clear signal there was advance knowledge going on here, from which the Stevens (Blockchain Capital)  and "The Drapers" and others like them benefited big time, due to inside connections to big money supplied to their crypto investments, largely via NYC, where most if not all of their actions are driven by their NYC masters. 

If we go back a little earlier in the calendar (per the chart above) a couple of event "declarations" in Early March (CDC/Who proclamation COVID-19 is indeed a world pandemic & Russia countering/matching OPEC dramatic need for cash with oil price reductions) were used as "events" large enough to  warrant  the panic  of the "herd" or "lemmings" as some people call them, at some point, which needs to be later than  when the Whales take action to setup their "short" game of Puts and Calls, reset the tables for "guessing" (not really, the Whales all knew the Fed would inject and when) , all you need is the #MainStreamMedia to make it happen (The same Whales control that..)

So the new "gambling" tables are set, the first by the first and current FED induced Rebound now in play, followed by a 2nd herd  panic action soon to further lower pricing, then the 2nd injection of "deflation" (US $ goes higher as it is sought as THE ONLY SAFE HAVEN at this point in the market decline) with the WHALES informed as to when to set up the 2nd table (to handle the short game PUT/CALL bets against each other) then the third herd panic to the eventual bottom and the sideways action for the next three to four quarters minimum (which might turn into a 5-7 year depression a la the 70s or 1929 to 1936).


Same goes for


What to do about it?: Separate Money & State- The Crypto Pipe dream or soon a reality?

Let's face it, the BTC maximalists underpin the current market with most of the liquidity which also finds its way into the "ETHosphere" and every other  boutique offer vying to get a piece of the new money supply action, still in embryonic form at less then .5% of the total money supply.

Separating Money & State has been a bit of a "Battle Cry of the Crypto Republic", trumpeting individual sovereignty as the main selling point manifested by the fact you control your wealth and transactions are border-less and trust-less, in BTC like fashion. Seen as altruistic by many and by some insiders as even tougher to pull off in the current scheme of  government and business, such a battle cry is a low 'humm' right now. IMO this will change after we hit bottom and the "herd" joins in.

All good, except one thing, such a  populist, distributed crypto set of republics, likely networked together,  also needs a "Crypto Declaration of independence" which can be made by any group of people with the political will to do it, a community, a state or province and even a country as we know them today could do it.

Or, more interestingly, an open source software community could make the same declaration (let's all use this crypto we work on in daily biz among ourselves and other ERC20 camps in the ETH world for example), which is already behind a crypto project with the "right stuff" (@scale for ETH this means 2.0 getting shipped) 

Will a distributed, networked set of  "Populist Crypto Republics", many of them virtual in form, running over the Internet and web,  emerge later in 2020 or 2021 to help transition us from the world of fiat rot?

I would tender it already is in Lebanon, on the streets, as they ship cash out of country via crypto to avoid local skulduggery of all types.

I think there is more to come in this regard, once everyone wakes up to the reality the current world of fiat is badly rigged and broken for the average soul trying to exist, never mind thrive.

The Whales are  indeed talking to us through the charts, so we should watch & listen, apply our own common sense AND, take the right action for ourselves and loved ones to protect your hard stores of value so you can ride it through.

To those 'Hodling",  please add at least 3-4 quarters before you see any really strong signs of fiat market recovery imo.


How fast the Whales move their fiat into crypto after they hit bottom remains to be seen, just stay vigilant, and look for trigger events.


Trigger Events, more complicated than you think

A few Top Five Trigger events  to cause Whales to move their fiat position more into crypto,  IMO (US Centric since they are 50% of the world economy):

  • More of the same, that is FED Bailouts of  Biggest Banks via money printing and declarations by Govts around the world it will fix everything. (NOT)
  • More regulations: ie- loss of capital movement being the big one (like Lebanon and elsewhere)
  • No money gets to the SME to feed the supply chain bottom up, so Main St. languishes and shrinks (as banks cover their positions and asses, I mean assets)
  • Break-thru adoption of key cryptos for retail/services, home buying fueled by easy to use/trust Smart Contracts (ETH 2.0, Lightning please asap)
  • Big break-thrus in Proof of Work - Transaction Per Second Speed to handle the volume of the last point

IMO, IF (and this time its not that big an if) all of the above line up within a compact time frame over a couple of quarters and are availed in the US at large, then  the fiat money will start to see that inflation soaked up in quality crypto conversions, which means the US is really starting to re-boot as a Populist Crypto Republic,  working towards a new Main St. and Distributed Financial Economy, respecting personal sovereignty (for the first time really) which will become increasingly less reliant on Central Bank and government hand-outs and show us all the way out of this mess we call fiat orchestrated by central banks, their masters and their political court jesters. 


The Drapers?

Be safe, please and when you have time listen, watch and learn from the Whales.. (and try not to be a lemming and part of the herd)

TK over and out 


PS- Happy Saint Paddy's Day!

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