Right on Queue, Holiday Shopping Madness and the need for Cash hammers BTC under 7K
BTC Dips below 7K to support Happy Holiday Spending, worldwide.

Right on Queue, Holiday Shopping Madness and the need for Cash hammers BTC under 7K

Per my previous post, and true to human "lemming" form, the need to please, buy favour, even get a little love has transformed itself into lavish  consumer spending on gifts during the Holidays.

To hell with tomorrow, let's live for today. ;)  (Hodling be damned!)

Yup. Human nature, it's a fairly predictable thing, barring any major catastrophes, which equal a price dip below US $ 7K for BTC, as predicted.

This won't last long, so it is a fantastic time to buy BTC Bitcoin and quality crypto. don't miss out, it's the perfect gift, especially if we have a repeat (90% likely barring major global catastrophes), where IMO per my previous recent post, BTC will echo the previous 2019 year ramp up from January to June in 2020, to yield a 2X return.

Of course please do your own research, as my 35 years of experience doesn't count for much these days. ;)

enjoy the graph below



Happy Holiday Spending!

TK over and out



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Anatomy of "Big Wind" Scam

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