Planet of the Humans - TK review- Move on Nothing to see here. 2/5
2/5 Planet of the Humans - Long on Shallow Critique  Solutions M-I-A

Planet of the Humans - TK review- Move on Nothing to see here. 2/5

That's right. you can watch it your self here, make your own decisions

Rating out of 5? I give Michael Moore, the alleged film producer, a 2 out of 5. 

For the record I design small wind turbines, built with renewable materials (Industrial hemp and flax, green bio-resins), we are finally getting close to a 1/2 scale charging system deployment (100kW NP four rotor accelerated flow design) which some day will be built with the right materials  (compostable, recyclable, re-usable at low cost) and built in a manner which does not require a tax payer or rate payer subsidy. Wind can work, but only as charging system of large grid edge batteries, or batteries used at home, where the battery is the prime mover ( power on/off switch capability on demand). It looks like this  (you can find older posts on my linkedin "robert reive" . WRR Systems is focused on Wind Rotor Replacement, hence the name, looking to retrofit a lot of old "shite" out there, re-using the old tower and the existing electrical distribution and working better within previously poorly designed farms which are overcrowded and hugely inefficient.

WRR Systems 100KW Four Rotor on 25m tower


Also please note that ANY Green Project today is heavily subsidized by you the tax payer (25% to 65%) , because the  'Green' developers continue to insist both Wind and Solar  built @scale, can be a "prime mover", which is NOT true, as both are totally unreliable sources of generation, which means most  if not all "public grid"  prime mover electrical base load comes from legacy power generation from hydro, nuclear, coal and more and more Natural Gas fired generation. (With Biomass powered electrical generation starting to take some minor 'prime mover' market share as prime mover in some states and countries)

The real "Green Power" problem (besides the greedy motives behind the 'Green'  money) is the lack of Utility Scale, Clean Energy Storage at the edge of the network as "grid-edge storage" @ scale, where such stores can and should be used as prime movers, relegating the old grid to backup charging and new wind and solar farms to charging roles. 

The US Govt has recognized the problem and created the ITC investment Tax Credit for gridscale energy storage in late 2019. so at least they are moving forward to show the rest of the world how to do it.

Just recently gridscale proof of concepts in New York have started using  Zinc Air Flow Batteries which intake air and release a clean air to generate electricity based largely on low cost, readily available  and relatively safe zinc chemistry at a price when produced at scale which will not require a tax payer subsidy (Unlike the huge 10 year tax free holiday Tesla gets from the Nevada tax payer for building his Tesla PowerWall battery factory there. ) A 'shout out' for VIZN Energy as well in Columbia Falls, Montana, also a fledgling utility scale Energy Storage designer and manufacturer of  Utility Scale ZincAir energy storage,  maybe now with the USA govt ITC in place they can spend more of their time chasing business in the USA instead of China.

Back to the film review, As usual Moore is long on criticism and short on solutions (actually the latter are missing in action) .

Wind systems can be designed to "unreliably" match the Capacity Factor (% of Name Plate Generation average annual hourly output) of natural gas and coal fired pollution, sure, however they way they make big wind turbines today create a huge disposal problem (see my earlier posts on that).

TK's Rating Reason

Moore earned his "2" in that he is right in that Wind and Solar have largely been fronts (although he never used those words) and a "bait and switch" into Biomass (1 point),  where basically forests and crops are grown to be burned as fuel, both bad ideas for the environment, as related flora and fauna and the food supply chain, and is right to point out the skulduggery (2nd point) of his former buddy Al Gore. 

Otherwise he gets a 0 for effort, and 0 for solutions and  0 for actually understanding  who is really behind the root of the "Green energy" problem,

hence 2 out 5 

Again, really, you can "skip surf" through this one to get the essence of the film's pithy content in about 3 minutes.

TK over and out..




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Anatomy of "Big Wind" Scam
Anatomy of "Big Wind" Scam

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