How to Create Algorithmic Unfairness "Google Style" in any search query...

How to Create Algorithmic Unfairness "Google Style" in any search query...


You be the Judge, in the land of the free, home of the brave? Or is this the "1984" Dystopian Technocracy Nightmare Handbook?

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Distibuted Public Blockchain operated Platforms for Free Speech,  eVoting, government transparency,budget management and "inflation proof" Crypto money supply management will win the day, soon.

We just need a decent political movement led by honest persona with the nads to do it, like yesterday. ;)

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Anatomy of "Big Wind" Scam
Anatomy of "Big Wind" Scam

Here I cover some key cryptos and related investor behaviours that matter, uncovering the 'logic' that move crypto markets and, occasionally on this blog, I also slice, dice and expose Big Wind Propaganda, and also offer up solutions, especially for Rotor Replacement. Burying old rotors is not an option!

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