Veri's Reggie Middleton much maligned by the SEC, has the last laugh, 2014 Patent Claim awarded for DEFI

CRYPTO Issue #0028- Pay the Piper Time: SC DEFI Crowd - Reggie Got there First, in 2014

Time to host that blockchain Node in a co-location facility, cuz the Cloud just got too expensive, non?


If you're earning fees off of Smart Contract DEFI services hosted on EVM or similar, well it's time to pay the piper.

The Piper's name?

Reggie Middleton of

Veritaseum and his  ICO settlement SEC Fame 

Reggie #Middleton won his patent Dec 7th, 2021  originally filed  May 9th, 2014, fully a year before anything Ethereum ever created.

Those Affected?  Everyone in the #Crypto #DEFI  and #SC Space providing a service and charging a fee to do so. 

Didn't #Ethereum founders get their first?

NOPE, which means all those early  #ETH founders who left and went elsewhere cannot escape this #CARDANO and #DOT included, along with everyone else.

Same goes for #BTC #Lightning Network based services as well.

Add in #RIPPLE #XRP, etc...  #IOTA, #SOLANA,  and many more...

So Colo hosting of blockchain nodes running such DEFI SCs as a service is looking pretty good right now.

Good for Reggie, after all the shite he has been through.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Yuletide, etc..,

His idea and gift to the world is HUGE!

TK over and out.

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