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Nasdaq strong all the time

Despite repeated attempts to break the price of the American index, the value of the US index continued to rise. It even got to the point that people started writing on various forums that they would give up short positions when NQ was constantly growing. Of course, decisions made almost at the tops meant that SLs counted the position many times. From the volume analysis, we can conclude that there is now a chance for a downward correction. The recent price slump was characterized by an increased volume turnover, which may indicate investors' willingness to buy additional assets at a more attractive price. The picture shows two places where it will be possible to react. In both places, I recommend waiting for the signal and confirming the possible level with the volume to be more sure of the hit position.


DAX30 ATH Pivot Points

Yesterday we saw how easy it is to make new peaks without the need for long collecting orders. Along the way, during the one-minute stop, so many short positions were created that breaking the hedging orders was even easier. Personally, I did not take advantage of this market, I could not break into it because it surprised me. It is based on corrections rather than a long pull without respite. Currently, we have the first signal for a possible downward correction after the opening of the EU market (if nothing changes for half an hour, I will be looking for such a position). The first point is the need to pierce through the support marked with a cross. Then with the numbers I marked two places where we have a possible reversal and I will wait there after the signal.

Today's Pivot Points:

Daily S3 - 15570
Daily S2 - 15650
Daily S1 - 15730
PP - 15810
Daily R1 - 15900
Daily R2 - 15980
Daily R3 - 16070


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Analysis of the financial markets
Analysis of the financial markets

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