US Based Exchange Bittrex The First To List User-Centric Browser Token Pando Coin (PANDO)

US Based Exchange Bittrex The First To List User-Centric Browser Token Pando Coin (PANDO)

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 21 Jan 2021

Bittrex, one of the most established crypto exchanges globally, has listed Pando Coin (PANDO), a token of user-centric Web 3.0 browser Pando in a move that serves as the stepping stone for the platform to expand its services to the US market. Pando Coin is an ERC-20 based token and will be used within the Pando ecosystem to access various goods and services and reward users for engaging in various economic activities. The listing takes the number of coins supported on Bittrex to over 240, which can be traded in over 400 active markets.

The coin is held in a crypto wallet supported on the browser where other coins like ETH can be stored. The wallet allows users to experience other decentralized applications (dApps) and invite others, thereby boosting their runtime mining rewards.

Future Plans After Listing of Pando Coin

The management behind Pando has already set expansion plans in motion with the listing on Bittrex. Now the team plans to acquire a listed company in South Korea soon before setting an office in New York. Once the office is ready, the company will work on getting listed on Nasdaq, with this expected to happen sometime in the coming year.

According to Jung Sanghun, CEO Pando, “the company will gradually expand the unlimited range based on the Pando browser and use the platforms of Pando Software’s subsidiaries to become a company that challenges the new normal.”

Pando Browser is designed to meet the needs of WEB 3.0, also known as third-generation internet, where such platforms are more focused on meeting individual user needs. The aim is to get users to be compensated for keeping these internet platforms active and also expand on what is possible using browsers.

Currently, Google has a stranglehold over the browser market, and by acquiring YouTube, it has full control over how users are compensated for creating video content. The company has been accused of exploiting content creators and keeping most of the revenue it generates through running ads. Such issues have led to Pando Browser’s birth as it tries to create internet transparency and offer users convenience and accessibility while favorably compensating them for their contributions.

The Role of Pando Messenger

The Pando Messenger allows users to conduct anonymous messaging by encrypting personal information and the message’s contents. It also supports fast transmission and storage of large-scale data using distributed storage of IPFS files. Additionally, on the messenger, users can conduct online and offline mobile payments through the crypto wallet.

How Is Pando Browser Unique from The Typical Internet Browser?

To achieve this ambitious goal, the Pando ecosystem comprises several projects, including a web browser and a messaging platform. Then there are other services supported, such as Pando Games, Pando Pictures, Pantok Messenger, Panting SNS, Splitsy, Pando Wallet, and Pando Exchange, which allow for financial compensation of internet users proportionally to their contributions.

The Pando Browser is unique in that it offers several advantages compared to the typical browser. Some of the functionalities users get to enjoy include; free VPN services where one can bypass IP addresses and guarantee high security while browsing. The VPN can also help you block central agencies from monitoring personal web-browsing history meaning you don’t need to go incognito. And also block such agencies from accessing your financial information, address, and any other sensitive details.

Most importantly, users can opt to view or block ads on the browser and get compensated for this endeavor. And due to ad-blocking, users get to enjoy high browsing speeds, which are 3 to 7 times faster than what they are used to on regular browsers. Also, a built-in cryptocurrency wallet allows users to engage in economic activities such as crypto payments, remittance, and token swaps.

Another functionality within the browser is the Proof of Software (PoSW) mining, a mining function based on software that allows for runtime mining, ad-view mining, referral mining, and others available for all users on PC and mobile devices.

These additional functionalities have seen users take to the browser like a fish to the water, and within three months, there have been over 100,000 downloads on Google Play Store.

Edward Moon
Edward Moon

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Analysis From Moon

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