The Mosque NFTs to mint 12,000 Unique Digital Mosques on Ethereum

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 30 Mar 2022

Every innovation has its default uses. Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) are synonymous with art, gaming items, and related digital assets. Most people would assume that such ends are commercial and primarily profit-driven. Mosque NFT seeks to repurpose this utility for Sharia-compliant charitable purposes.

NFTs are an efficient tool for this purpose. These assets offer an immutable way to create, track and trade digital assets. Accordingly, developers create NFT collections, and investors purchase them via auctions or traded on marketplaces like OpenSea.

The Mosque NFTs on Ethereum

The Mosque NFTs project is a special NFT collection that is set to launch on the Ethereum blockchain. This project seeks to mint 12,000 unique hand-drawn NFTs to represent some of the most iconic mosques globally.  NFTs are already popular in the Muslim world, and this project can take it to the next level.

Unlike most NFT collections, this project exists entirely for charitable ends. The Mosque NFT has set its first mint date on April 1, 2022, to bring this noble idea to life. 

Minting the NFTs on Ethereum is a shrewd move because of its dominance in smart contracts, decentralized finance, and NFT token standards. Besides, compatibility with the popular non-custodial wallet, MetaMask, is a vital consideration. 

In summary, NFTs are a direct way for content creators to interact with investors and purchasers. The exciting twist in this project is that the proceeds go toward uplifting those in positions of disadvantage in society.

NFTs and Charity in the Muslim World

There are over 1.8 billion Muslims globally. Some parts in the Gulf regions are developed and advanced, while others have problems that typify developing parts of the world. 

Therefore there is an immeasurable need for charitable projects to champion the welfare and rights of these groups. Some of the areas in need are the Uyghur of China, the Rohingya in Myanmar. Moreover, others like the populations of Syria and Afghanistan are reeling from civil strife. 

Additionally, specific demographics in parts of Africa and Asia have unique challenges that need someone to step up. The idea of utilizing art about Islamic landmarks to raise money for Muslims in need is as noble as ever was. Therefore, The Muslim NFT is a pioneer in this regard and hopes to inspire others to take action.

Minting Iconic Mosques 

The Mosque NFT project plans to mint 12,000 unique NFTs of notable mosques for users to create and purchase. The project is an opportunity to not only raise funds but also highlight the various injustices and afflictions facing members of the global Muslim community. 

This project will also be an opportunity to show Muslims in tech, using nascent technology for positive ends. Participants can learn of the diversity, unique challenges, and sense of community within the global community. 

This project is a creation of adherents of the Islamic faith, seeking to use technology for charity, a core part of the Faith. Charitable foundations like the  Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation, the One Ummah, and Mila 4 Africa will get the proceeds of these sales and spread the funds among those in need. 

Building a Global Community

Members of the Mosque NFTs community will have a special role in this project. Users who will mint the most NFTs at each of the twelve rounds stand to win rewards from project partner, "Jacob & Co."  Similarly, a user who will mint the Kaaba Mosque, Islam’s most important holy site, will receive a special secret gift after the auction sale concludes. And once the collection is minted, raffles will begin, where holders of certain NFTs will receive worthy prizes from the team. These efforts mean that Mosque NFT seeks to build an engaged community, united by charity. 

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