Plethori Taps into the ETF Market

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 29 Mar 2021

The multi-trillion ETF trading market has worked in a centralized manner, with traditional markets and exchanges letting people buy and sell them. Plethori is a blockchain platform that brings one of the largest trading markets in the decentralized age.

What Does Plethori Bring

ETFs, with their $7.7 trillion worth of markets, are a basket of assets that many traders and investors prefer to hold than putting money in individual funds and spending a significant amount of time tracking their movements. This makes it an easy investment and is a global trade market that many people are unable to tap into due to complex rules on entry, trading and the high costs associated with the exchanges themselves.

Plethori leverages blockchain to bring about a level of efficiency that traditional siloed markets can never achieve. The platform enables its users to trade in ETFs that cover a broad range of industries, including NFTs, Oracles and insurances to name a few. As a decentralized platform, Plethori eliminates the need for intermediaries, therefore there are no broker or exchange charges involved at all, significantly cutting down on fee. Since it is based on blockchain, Plethori also offers a level of security that is resistant to hacks. The open and transparent nature is also an added benefit for users as anyone can view the transactions and any fraudulent one would be immediately identified.

Apart from the speed, security and transparency, Plethori offers a range of advantages: 

  • Optimism Layer 2 Solution: Using Optimism based secondary layer gives Plethori blockchain high transaction speed, even under heavy load. At the same time, the transaction fee is kept to a minimum and security is not compromised, making it the best choice for trading.
  • Multi Chain: Ethereum and Polkadot are two of the most used popular chains in terms of users and Plethori supports both, giving maximum blockchain users the chance to tap into the ETF market. Future integration also includes Binance Smart Chain.
  • NFT Incentives: Users who create EFTs on Pelothri are rewarded with NFTs. As their ETFs trade and gain value, the NFTs also become valuable, developing a whole new means of profitability.
  • Fiat Support: Merging seamlessly with the current trading environment, Plethori offers its users to liquidate their assets directly into fiat through dedicated gateways.

PLE: The Plethori Token

The whole Plethori ecosystem is driven by its native PLE utility token. The token serves three basic means within the larger Plethori environment.

All users will need the PLE token to access their deposits and withdrawals. Along with this, the token will also be utilized in paying a trading fee (which is basically the transaction fee for writing all trades on the blockchain). Secondly, Plethori also offers DeFi services in which the PLE can be staked to earn yields, giving a secondary method for users to invest their idle tokens and earn profits.

Perhaps the best use of PLE is the governance of Plethori. A truly decentralized platform, the users have been given control in a truly democratic fashion. PLE token holders can propose and vote on different updates to the platform that can range from including new features and deciding what assets can be listed or removed from the Plethori.

With only 100 million PLE tokens in totality, 4 million are set aside for the public, with the rest divided into different private sales, operational funds and other liquidities such as farming and staking.

Plethori opens up a whole new market that has been deprived of profitability and wealth, unlocking the future of ETF through merging the traditional market with the latest in technological achievements.

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Edward Moon
Edward Moon

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Analysis From Moon
Analysis From Moon

Analysis From Moon

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