EmiSwap Set to Offer Liquidity Providers Mind-blowing Rewards

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 10 May 2021

With decentralized markets reportedly depleting the existing mechanisms for mining liquidity, the rise of an automated market maker [AMM] like EmiSwap will seek to pioneer a drastic shift. Demonstrating a contrary view, EmiSwap will drain liquidity from some of the bigger protocols by offering a ton of benefits. 

With the exchange going live two months back, over $250,000 TVL [liquidity] has been attracted with over $1,3 million is the sum of investments raised so far. 

“Incorporating DeFi solutions” 

With the decentralized finance market currently experiencing a massive boom according to leading crypto analytics website CoinGecko, EmiSwap, the project of the EmiDAO ecosystem, incorporates a ton of decentralized finance features, enabling users to benefit immensely from all trades. In addition to this, there is consistent customer support and a proven network that guarantees the protection of data and assets. 

Surprisingly, the EmiSwap platform has undergone a security test by Hacken, a leading blockchain security company. 

EmiSwap to Offer Unique Benefits 

The team behind this innovative project is working to provide excellent marketing opportunities by incorporating a ton of bonuses and benefits for prospective users. 

One foremost benefit of the EmiSwap project is its 100% gas fee reimbursement. For any operation executed you're guaranteed compensation. That's not all, early birds will receive 10 times more rewards. According to the website, from the 11th to the 1000th day after the launch of this project, 30,000 ESW tokens will be distributed amongst liquidity providers [LPs] for 1 million DAO trading volume. 

There are even more rewards. From the 11th to the 40th day after the launch, 6,150 ESW tokens will be issued after every 1000 blocks and will be duly shared among LPs, albeit based solely on the amount of liquidity that they provide. 

Offering investors a perfect source of passive income, ESW token holders will be additionally rewarded with 0.05% of every transaction executed on the EmiSwap network. Also, regularly, liquidity providers will receive 0.25% from any operation on the exchange. 

Liquidity providers to win NFT cards 

Liquidity providers will, according to the website, receive limited edition non-fungible token [NFT] cards, offering them another impressive passive income source. 

These cards will enable them to seamlessly use the exchange, trade on various markets, and also compete in a ton of special tournaments like the prestigious Card Wars. 

Issuing a series of 1001 NFT cards, EmiSwap will allocate these cards to liquidity providers for every $100,000 TVL crossed on the network. The more liquidity provided with every new milestone reached, the more unique cards the LP receives. 

The EmiSwap project is built to offer liquidity providers immense benefits each time they provide liquidity to the network. Over time, one problem that has delayed the imminent growth of the crypto passive income market is the lack of compensation and incentives to liquidity providers. EmiDAO ecosystem pioneering a paradigm shift will launch the EmiSwap ecosystem that will incentivize LPs, thereby encouraging them to continue providing requisite liquidity. 

Speaking to reporters about this innovative project, Grigory Rybalchenko, the CEO and co-founder of EmiSwap disclosed that a strategic and detailed analysis of blockchain fees and values was carried out before the development of this project. The co-founder further stated that EmiSwap was started not just for the sake of it but for it to be a unique product that's ahead of the curve. 


EmiSwap seeks to pioneer a change in how liquidity providers are rewarded for their work as primary drivers of the growth of a network. The integration of NFT cards, as well as a ton of unique bonuses and benefits, will offer ESW token holders an ideal passive income source. 

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