DAOWallet Created A Bridge That Connects Fiat And Cryptocurrency Worlds

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 1 Oct 2020

DAOWallet, a cryptocurrency wallet launched earlier this year, is revolutionizing the crypto space with its proprietary Wallet that serves as the bridge between the fiat and the cryptocurrency world offering users the benefits of in wallet instant cryptocurrency swaps. Using the Wallet, users have access to USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, USDC, TUSD 

Accounts For Individuals And Businesses 

The Wallet offers two accounts, one for businesses and the other for individuals. Companies can grow their businesses thanks to the Wallet that helps securely store their funds through cold storage. These funds are only accessible by a few key employees. Also, the Wallet conducts monthly security audits smoking out any loopholes that could lead to breaches.

Cryptocurrency wallets have grown in popularity over the years as users have sought more secure and convenient ways to store their crypto assets without the risks involved with hot exchange wallets.  The number of wallet users has grown steadily over the past few years, despite market ups and downs. According to data compiled by Statista, since the first quarter of 2016, the number of blockchain wallet users around the globe has jumped from 6.7 million to over 50 million.

With growing popularity, the demand for wallets that offer more functionalities like exchanging coins and settling invoices has arisen, leading to the birth of wallets like DAOWallet. The Wallet stabilizes the prices of crypto coins, which helps businesses avoid price volatility, thereby assisting these entities traditionally use their funds. This is achieved by automatically converting all incoming transactions with the most favorable market rate. Additionally, there is an option to invoice your customers with set rates by yourself.

On the Wallet, it's possible to identify high-value clients and offer services that meet their needs by utilizing the Wallet's internal algorithms to analyze incoming transactions, thereby identifying large clients. This information can also be used by gaming companies to increase high-value player deposits and lengthen their playing time.

Users have the freedom to set AML policies for all their incoming transactions. This helps in two ways; it makes it easier for your compliance officers to verify your client funds, and it allows the individual or the company to set its own standards and standards policies.

Among its unique features, the Wallet allows clients to create invoices in fiat, after which the DAOWallet generates a link for the client with details on the amount they have to pay in crypto and where to send it to settle the invoice. Once the payment is made, the Wallet converts the crypto into fiat using the best rates and deposits in your account.

The Wallet also makes it easy for businesses to discover their clients' potential, increasing their deposits by carrying out big data analysis through sophisticated algorithms that can run hundreds of tests within short periods. This feature also helps establish the source of funds, saving these entities from running in trouble with regulators given the rigid crypto laws and the prevalence of bad actors within the sector.

Easy To Integrate With

For businesses that seek to integrate with the platform, it's quite easy with as little as two lines of code needed to sync with the Wallet's API thanks to its software development kit that supports six programming languages.

On top of this, the Wallet's other benefits include some of the most competitive fees offered by crypto wallets for deposits and withdrawals with no chargebacks or rolling reserve, which can mess up the concept of uninterrupted financial procedures. There is also a personal manager available to help one deal with any problems you may encounter while operating the Wallet.

Also, there is an admin panel where reports are generated with an intuitive dashboard that is convenient for B2B clients to monitor and control payments in any currency. And most importantly, the Wallet is quite flexible, offering users the ability to discuss and tailor their solutions according to their needs, therefore, helping them take their businesses to the next level.  

With these unique features, DAOWallet is changing the role of crypto wallets from just storing digital assets to helping individuals and businesses conduct in wallet currency swaps at low cost and speed, thereby assisting both in scaling their business to the next level.

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Edward Moon
Edward Moon

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Analysis From Moon
Analysis From Moon

Analysis From Moon

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