Bithumb to Reward 20,000 USDT to LCMS Holders and Traders as a Celebration for its Listing

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 1 Apr 2021

Bithumb, the global digital asset trading platform, recently announced on their twitter that they would hold a “Deposit & Trading LCMS, WIN 20,000 USDT!” event to celebrate the official listing of LCMS on Bithumb Global.

According to Bithumb Global’s blog post, there will be 3 events in total which include the following:

  • Event 1: 6,000 USDT for Deposit LCMS.
  • Event 2: 14,000 USDT for Trading LCMS.

Both these events began on 24th March and will end on 6th April. For the Deposit event, individuals would get 5-15 USDT for every 2000 LCMS tokens that they deposit. The overall prize pool is of 6000 USDT and the prizes are available on a first come first serve basis. 

Similarly, the trading event has an overall prize pool of 14,000 USDT. The winners will be decided by checking the accumulative trading volumes of LCMS tokens. This event offers an individual prize money of up to 6000 USDT.  

To participate in any of these events, a customer has to be KYC2 verified. This makes the whole process a lot secure and hiccup free for the customer and the exchange. This event serves as an inaugural celebratory event for listing of the token on the global exchange.

About LCMS

Built by the parent company LCM Science, LCMS is a blockchain based platform that helps verify information about healthcare products. Their official website, they aim to decrease the victims under the products made of harmful ingredients. 

LCMS focuses mainly on bringing transparency to people regarding health and beauty products. People usually are unaware of what processes and raw materials are used while bringing together such products and if unethical practices can lead to actual harm to these users. The CEO of LCMS explained the problem further in an interview stating,

“so many harmful practices are not prohibited by the law - and the result of it is a damage for a large group of consumers, the damage nobody used to talk about on TV. Thankfully, now the times are changing.”

 At the end, this customer-oriented blockchain-based distribution platform helps users to communicate with one another to share their opinions about a specific product. So, all in all, the LCMS platform helps:

  • Users to get access to high quality products.
  • Manufacturers to get the idea of what a consumer wants.

Additionally, the platform also rewards users for publishing reviews. 

Not only does this help the manufacturers and consumers but it can also help shape ecommerce in the long run.

The foundation launched the LCMS token a while back as a native currency for the platform. The initial launch was of about 1 billion tokens, 60% of which were reserved for crowd distribution, 30% for the management, and 10% for the development of the platform.

LCMS roadmap

LCMS believes in growth and keeping the community up to date with their plans for the future related to the platform. They have aimed to grow by getting listed on the Korean exchange market as well as international markets. Apart from that, LCMS aims to launch their product LCM home shopping.  

With high aims for growth and strong values, LCMS stands strong in their initial phases. The South Korea based blockchain platform is set to revolutionize the transparency in buying and selling through their unique review system that connects buyers and sellers on a blockchain network.

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