Award-Winning Fintech Startup; Crypterium Launch High-Yield Savings Account For Stablecoins

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 19 Apr 2021

To celebrate its record valuation of €85 million and achieve its breakeven, Crypterium, an award-winning fintech startup, has decided to offer its users a limited promotion to earn the highest APY on stablecoin deposits within the market. The coins include USDT, USDC, and DAI. The move comes after the platform managed to achieve over 200% overfunding on Seedrs, a leading fundraising platform based in the UK.

By depositing stablecoins on the platform, users will earn up to 15.6% APY, which is 24% more than what is currently offered by other crypto lending platforms within the market. The average market yield for depositing stablecoins currently stands at around 12.5%, making Crypterium’s savings account the undisputed leader compared to the rest.

Stablecoins represent digital coins pegged against fiat currencies such as USD ensuring their prices don’t fluctuate and remain equal to a single dollar. They are a great way to maintain the value of your funds if you are scared of the high volatility that exists within the cryptocurrency market. Over the years, the need and value of stablecoins has grown, leading to increased coins introduced within the crypto market by various projects.

Now, platforms such as Crypterium offer users ways to earn by holding their funds as stablecoins without worrying about any risks that can eat away their savings. Austin Kimm, the COO at Crypterium, was ecstatic about the new offer and what it means to users, noting;

“Stablecoin deposits are a great alternative to traditional fiat savings accounts. As a reference, the US average interest rate on savings accounts is 0.04% as of 2021. That’s extremely low. Digital currencies have the power to offer a big boost on standard savings while still guaranteeing currency stability.”

This is the latest offering for a company that, since launching its services back in 2018, has been working on bringing quality financial solutions that leverage the power of digital currencies. The high yield APY for stablecoins comes just three months after the all-in-one crypto banking solution introduced a savings account for various crypto coins such as BTC, ETH, TRON, and CRPT, the platform’s native token.

The Offer Is Accessible By Anyone 

The savings account should benefit over 500,000 clients of Crypterium since there are no limits on minimum and maximum amounts imposed. Even new users are free to join as long as they do it before the end of the promotion, which is scheduled for April 30, 2021.

All one needs is to install the Crypterium wallet app on their mobile devices. Launch it and head to the market section, and select savings account. Once there, you will see various coins on offer and the terms of engagement. Select the amount and click “earn” to get started.

Since its launch, Crypterium has been working towards making digital currencies easy to use as cash and has managed to gain a huge customer base around the world thanks to innovative products and attractive promotions like the high yield stablecoin savings account. Users can use their wallet or card to connect their digital assets with traditional finance.  

The wallet is a one-stop solution that offers simplicity when it comes to digital asset management supporting numerous functionalities such as buying your favorite assets and earning interest from holding tokens. Other things you can do with the highly secure and easy-to-use wallet include the ability to send funds for free internationally, exchange one token for another with the best rates, and instant cashouts. There is also a crypto to fiat payment card that can be connected to the wallet and used to make payments around the globe to over 42 million retailers. The card is also accessible in over 180 countries.

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