CoinHuntWorld Just Paid Out Over 1 BTC And Over 32 ETH To Players

By anakura | Anakura's Horizon | 13 Apr 2021

For everyone who was waiting to see if CoinHuntWorld was legit, here is the confirmation. Beta testers just received all the BTC, ETH and Doge they have been collecting since the game started. This is the total amount of cryptocurrency passed onto players today:


I have been playing since February, and my payout was over 300 USD worth of cryptocurrency. If you don't think that's incredible, I have nothing else to say to convince you. If you are in the USA or in Canada, you can start playing now! If not, don't worry. More countries will be added to the game later this year. 

Come join the discord server to interact with the developers and other players and download the game if you haven't already! 


Download for Android: 

Download for iOS: First download Testflight ( Then download CoinHuntWorld via Testflight ( Finally, be my friend ( )!

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