Best App To Buy & Sell crypto (IOTA)

Best App To Buy & Sell crypto (IOTA)

As many of you probably have done as well, I started using Brave as my browser to earn a modest amount of BAT. This pushed me towards using Uphold as my trading app.


Having just put down £100 on IOTA, and seeing that the value of IOTA was unchanged but my investment was now instantly worth £95, I feel like their claim of zero commission to be misleading.


Therefore, I am looking for an app to trade on. IOTA is my crypto of choice as I believe in its vision of the crypto enabled future.


Does anyone have any recommendations, and/or referral codes that they would like me to use? 


I look forward to reading about your suggestions in the comments, as well as seeing your referral codes. If there is more than one code, I'll randomly pick one.


Thank you! 

An inverse future, inspired by IOTA and GeoDB
An inverse future, inspired by IOTA and GeoDB

With my recent involvement with anything "Crypto", I find myself hypothesising about an inverse future of cryptocurrencies and opt-in advertising.

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