An Introduction to Tectone23

So What is Tectone you may ask yourself? Well that's a good place to start, it has more than one answer but in this article we will cover all the fundamentals of what it is, what the aims of the company are and how this may affect the future of technology, trade and communication. 

The Top

Lets start from the top, Tectone is on its way to developing the next big thing in smart phone technology, this includes hardware and software with the motive to give you the freedoms of Web3 and all it has to offer. I am making this article to inform anyone who wishes to learn about Tectone23, but also for anyone who is new to getting involved with Crypto, NFT's and Web3. A quick explanation of what is Web3? Well Web3 is the start of decentralisation of business and finance, decentralisation means you own your own data and you chose what to do with it. The big names in the internet game right now use your data to make money, on Web3 you will have total control of who you share your data with, this includes all online purchases, location data and search history just to name a few. Web3 is hosted on the block chain witch makes Crypto transactions easier than ever before. Tectone23 is developing a new smart phone that will be on Web3/the block chain. 




So you may be asking yourself what are the advantages of having a new phone that's connected to the block chain and why do you need it? Well with tectone23s 5Gs devices you will become part of the expanding network meaning faster rates of data transfer, witch means less costs when it comes to purchasing/trading with crypto. The more device's on the network means more coverage and faster speeds, this could be a breakthrough for people in the world right now who suffer with poor internet connections that affect their online business. With the development of new technologies and faster speeds opens up new exciting opportunity's such as contactless payment with certain Crypto witch would be instant and with minimal charge if any. Tectone23 will provide easy integration of the cyber market into our everyday lives.

The Blockchain

I suppose we need talk about the blockchain for a minute so we have a basic understanding of what it is and why its a critical part in all this. Tectone will be on a blockchain platform and within that space digital data is created. I personally think of it this way; everything on the block chain has a permanent digital stamp from the creator and or type of data it is. Every time you exchange this data you then add your own permanent stamp (gas price) to change ownership of the data, alongside the original stamp. This means you can track the digital asset without centralised banking systems and the process is more fluid. With Tectone23s new mobile device you will be plugged right into this network and become part of it. 

So What Dose All This Mean?

Ok gang strap in for this one, so with the ability to own your own digital assets in this way brings a whole new system into play. By investing, trading or creating on any platforms and gathering/minting data you become a steak holder in the overall platform. It means not one person is taking home your money, your digital assets are linked to you thus if you create and sell an NFT with owners %10 on you will earn that on every sale. Tectone23 will give you full control over your digital assets and personal data allowing you to share whatever data you wish to who you trust and make money at the same time. But that's only the beginning of what Tectone23 is offering as a new device on the market, not only will it be integrated into the blockchain and 5G network it will be a secure crypto wallet, meaning your crypto is basically stored on your phone in your pocket. The phone will also use some of the best encryptions/locks on the device to make sure your assets are safe, and only you can access them. You will also be able to mint your NFT's on your phone, be able to turn your phone into a desk top computer with a cable, integrated support and user logs.  This phone, idea and  the whole concept is mind-blowing to me, to think of the financial freedoms that await for us all in the coming years. 


What Do You Think?

This article has been made to try and inform and educate anyone who needed it, this is all based on personal research and is sponsored article written for a bounty reward. Id appreciate any feedback on this article or discussion, what do you think the future of the cyber market is? do you think Tectone23 is the new big player in the mobile market? This article is giving any financial advice please do your own DD and do independent research this is all just my opinion and i may not be correct on everything but publishing articles and starting conversations helps us all learn and help each other   

Thanks for reading  ill post any reference material below if you are interested in Tectone23 and wish to learn more 

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An introduction to Tectone23
An introduction to Tectone23

This artical is in introduction to Tectone23, What is Tectone23? What Tectone23 is working towards? Who is Tectone23 for? What dose Tectone23 mean for me?

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