an innocent monkey

Any Monkey Can Beat The Crypto Market

Hi All,

Based on the infamous Burton Malkiel's theory on WS stocks, I decided to "invest" $100 in 10 randomly selected Cryptos. In this post, I will follow their price evolution each month. If a token reaches x5, it will be liquidated, otherwise it will stay in the "portfolio" for ever. At the end of the year I will compare any earning with the decline of the USD ppq.

Let's see how far this bull can run a monkey!

Selection Methodology: I simply selected 10 coins among the top 300 by Market Cap, according to CoinGecko. I used the Random Integer Generator in which (randomly) selected the following:



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your friendly neighbor Thanos
your friendly neighbor Thanos

Not my fault that Marvel named their big blue bad guy after a very common Greek name.

An innocent bystander
An innocent bystander

A bit of this and a bit of that

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