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Merry Christmas to all of you and yours! 

I'm feeling very festive, the alcohol is flowing nicely, dinner in tow and life is wonderful! 

I hope you all have a wonderful  Christmas and get to spend it with your loved ones, I hope all the traders make a tidy profit in the midst of the bull run also and the farmers yield a good crop.

Now, at this point, everyone will likely agree that 2020 will not go down as the best year we have ever had. In fact, for most people, it has been the worst year of their life, or at least one of the worst ones.

Yes, we spent months in isolation, keeping social distance, wearing masks etc. However, just because the year has been extremely bad, it doesn’t mean that it needs to end badly. 


Just look at Bitcoin (BTC) — the coin has nearly hit $20,000, after sitting at $5k as recently as nine months ago. In other words, the year could still have a few nice moments, that might fix the overall impression it has made thus far, and what better time for that to happen than the holidays?


Now, speaking of cryptocurrency and holidays — crypto is once again growing rapidly, and we are not talking about prices. Digital coins are being adopted rapidly, with thousands of companies around the world going crypto. Countries are developing their own native cryptocurrencies, and even major businesses are launching them.

In other words, things are a lot more different than a few years ago, when crypto was basically unknown in the world. That means that you can now use it for your remote Christmas shopping, and buy presents for your family and friends — or yourself.

Here are some ideas from


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An inexperienced crypto enthusiast

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