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Brave rewards - increase ads!

I've been using Brave browser for about a week, I have used it in the past on a different device (iphone) but the current brave rewards system was still in development back then

At first it was brilliant I made sure that in the settings were opted in (they usually are by default) and changed the maximum number of ads to 5 as opposed to 1.

Great! I'm getting a steady micro income from brave in the form of BAT with 5 ads an hour at least.
After the initial two days the ads slowed to a near stop.

I did some research and found from the brave website that the 5 per hour is a ceiling and not a floor, the ads only show when your personalised content ad catalogue is refreshed.

The ads catalogue is comprised of content relevant to you (mostly cryto and forex at the min. But it's a brand new world of advertising and more sites sign up to participate by the day.

The above link shows a list of  content creators for brave browser - going through this list and clicking on various websites seems to increase the ad stream, yielding more bat from my experience.

This link brings up the catalogue for brave ads.
I found that typing some of the key words in duck duck go and visiting a few of the search results rendered more ads instantly when the ads had totally slowed down.

You could browse brave from two separate devices (pc and a mobile) to increase your ad revenue, however, there is currently no way to sync devices to one account so unless you have way too much time on your hands I would try the above methods... they seem to work for me!

Also the ads should show up as notifications in the background if the browser is still running but I find that opening it and refreshing the tabs also gives it a little jump start.

Happy browsing friends we won't become rich but it's better to be rewarded than tracked! I'm so full of Googles cookies they're empty and taste like garbage!

Don't forget to send tips to content that is actually worth your time or interest! I expect great things from this browser in the near future as more sites jump on board.

I'd definitely recommend brave to the average web surfer.

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An inexperienced crypto enthusiast

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