Ampleforth + DeversiFi
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Ampleforth + DeversiFi

By Ampleforth | Ampleforth | 25 Jun 2020

Today we’re happy to announce that Ampleforth (AMPL) is now open for trading on DeversiFi! There are a few things that make this a special milestone.


DeversiFi is a non-custodial exchange platform, based on the 0x protocol. This means you can trade directly with the security of your own wallet and the trade settlement happens onchain.

One big challenge of Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) is achieving deep liquidity. Since the fees have traditionally been higher for DEXs, it’s been tough for these decentralized alternatives to compete with centralized ones.

DeversiFi, however, shares liquidity with Bitfinex. This guarantees that you’ll see the combined order book depth of both DeversiFi and Bitfinex through the same trade engine.

AMPL’s first 0x Exchange

This marks the first time AMPL has existed on a 0x-based exchange. AMPL has already operated on “Automated Market Maker” exchanges like UniswapKyber, and Bancor.

DeversiFi offers another way to trade AMPL in a decentralized way, but using an order book rather than liquidity pools.

We’ve avoided other 0x exchanges up to now, because of lack of order book depth. However, DeversiFi’s liquidity sharing makes this no longer an issue.

AMPL on Layer-2

In April, DeversiFi 2.0 will launch in conjunction with Starkware ZK-Rollups. Starkware is a Layer-2 solution that leverages Zero Knowledge Proofs to drastically reduce fees and increase throughput. DeversiFi estimates they’ll be able to support over 9000 transactions per second, rivaling centralized exchanges.

It will be exciting to see AMPL’s novel supply adjustment mechanism working in tandem with an offchain Layer-2 like Starkware. We’re looking forward to scaling Ampleforth with this latest technology.


Written by: Brandon Iles, - @brandoniles

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