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Amp, my Second Favorite Token

Doing some research on Financial services and Blockchain the Flexa Network came up claiming to have an instant fraud proof payment system using Stablecoins, Tokens, Crypto, and a reward system. Boasting to be safer and faster than our everyday cards hmmmm, less than a second isn't that faster than XLM Stellar? which is the fastest transactions I've made to date. Right when I thought let me check out Flexa Coin or Token nope the collateral token was called AMP and to my liking I found it on an exchange with top of the line security features GEMINI. Most important factor was it is on Ethereum ERC20 and its on Gemini so it will compatible with Gemini Pay lets gooo. Global Currency Exchange without any fees also, Amp was about 0.01-0.02 in January when I got in for a long-term position.

Looked at some charts via today and have some historical data as you can see it was front line for "Alt explosion"  


AMP Token rewards are really hefty as well when you stake or store on Flexa Network wallet, at one downside if you are looking to sell at a long-term gain is you can not withdraw any of the AMP, I guess this is how they what I call "recycle the AMP'" when it is used its put back into the AMP economy. Via


Nice amount of Amp being Staked, which I'm taking also taking advantage of reduced from 1.98% to 1.78% recently on Gemini better than 0. I love the direction Flexa is going, also I see continuous growth which is key seems like now a days everyone has some type of Coin with the generic "Peer to Peer transactions" I stop reading after that as you should. Amp is definitely something I would research. 

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Hodlr from The Bronx NY 80's Baby. Learned about e-cash in 1995, researching crypto since 2012 started playing in 2016-17. Atleast 2x every coin that I've invested in.

AMP My Second Favorite Token
AMP My Second Favorite Token

A Token I fell in love with by researching another Token, Amp is on Gemini an underrated Exchange brought to us by the Winklevoss Twins who before it becoming mainstream pushed/backed a Coin you may have heard of...Bitcoin. My Post goes into a little detail about AMP.

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