Upland! Ok I’m in

By AmineU | AmineU_GP | 5 Aug 2020

Welcome aboard!!!

Assuming you already signed up and received your UPX and poked around with the user interface (see quick reference guide from previous post), it would be wise to get a sense of the game and how the mechanics work.

Let me add one more reason why I find Upland so appealing before continuing, as a project enthusiasts Upland does not follow any ‘hard’ dates but rather guidelines. Which imo is very important for industries that are dynamic. 

Alright back to game.

When purchasing your property the most beneficial ones to buy are the unminted (grey) properties with no previous owner. 

Remember my sub-division analogy, you are buying as first owner in a sub division. Why? You avoid paying markup costs as a second or third buyer. Some of the benefits to getting in early. It doesn’t mean you will only buy unminted properties. In some cases you may want or feel like you need to buy a minted (owned) location. See colour guide image made by player ZHIDALGOKIDZ.


Your block explorer must first discover the property of choice by being within its range and the property turns a light green.

Only then is the  property available for purchase. Now you may likely be wondering how do I get my explorer to go where I want as is it seems to have a mind of its own. The best option is to send your explorer to an already owned property close by thereby paying the rent value the owner has set in order to get your explorer within range. Some times you will have many owners to choose from other times there is nothing and the only thing you can do is keep sending your explorer to your own property (no cost) with hopes it will finally go in the direction of choice.

Depending on your budget it would be best to tackle the collections first. There are 21 original collections to obtain with many of the higher collections sold out and only available on secondary market (2nd buyer or more). Some more lucrative that others (meaning more expensive to purchase but in return offer higher yields). Scrolling from left to right you will see what the collection are, what’s needed to complete them, what the one-time reward is and what your yield booster will be. 


To determine where a property lies within a collection and to avoid mistakes, when you find a location of interest select it and you will the see base information. When you click on ‘Boosted Earnings’,  it will provide a list of collections that the property can be assigned to.



Keep in mind only one property per collection. You can swap out less yielding properties as your portfolio grows for properties offering more yields. 

From here you can do a combination of things; you can flip the property, or play Treasure Hunts for more UPX,  buy more UPX for additional properties or wait. But the wait wouldn’t be for too long as property upgrades are on route.

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