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It’s that time of year again. 
Tomorrow Sunday February 7, 2021 the Super Bowl, National Football League’s annual championship game
will be hosted in Tampa Bay, Florida between Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Often this event is met with huge public energy, from tailgate parties, half time commercials and entertainment to restaurant group reservations.
Ranging from die-hard football fans (American Football not European Football) to those riding the bandwagon of game frenzy.
It has been the undeniably most viewed American sportsevent year after year. Helping to boost sales in for many businesses that are often
slow during this time of year.

Image from CNN

Image from Texas Monthly

Image from Atlanta Falcons


What does this have to do with Blockchain Gaming?
Well as you know - the pandemic has put a stop or severe restrictions on large gatherings, celebrations, parties. The key elements, that have made the Super Bowl event so popular has almost seize to exist. 

​Don’t despair Upland has come to the rescue.
Tomorrow the City Champion game begins.
Complete with game formations and helmets to match including piñatas!
Each piñata found represents small helmet and chance to receive some in-game currency UPX.
Piñatas will then create random formations indicating the location of the large helmet. Large helmets will reveal themselves once they are discovered.
Each formation is on a timer and resets once the timer expires. 

Upland Big Game Helmet

Small helmets are worth 1-point, large helmets are worth 7 points. The city that accumulates the most points wins the Upland World Champion title.
Score updates will be provided after each wave in the Super Bowl game and final score provided after the Super Bowl is over.

Upland Kickoff: Tomorrow Sunday February 7 at 3:45pm PST, 6:45pm EST. 
 I will attempt to offer my none treasure hunt and none football skills to the occasion in support of Uplands game strategy.

Follow/Subscribe to this channel and our video channels for more content. And I will provide a recap to my likely disaster game play adventure. LOL
Gaming with Blockchain

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Gaming with Blockchain

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