A Peek Into History: Martha Washington

Martha was born on June 13, 1732 to John and Frances Dandridge. She is the oldest of the three boys and five girls.

In 1750 Martha wed Daniel Parke Custis, who was 20 years older than her. Daniel died in 1757 leaving Martha to raise the two surviving of four children AND run the five plantations on their property. Reports on her business dealing show she was an excellent business woman and a savvy trader.


The next man to come a courting was dashing Colonel George Washington, a member of the First Virginia Regiment in the Colonial Militia. On January 6, 1759 George and Martha wed in New Kent County Virginia. As a sign of things to come, he wore his full dress uniform to his wedding, never suspecting that he would spend most of his married life in uniform.


Martha decided to be by her husband's side while he was over-wintering in 1777-78 at Valley Forge Pennsylvania. There was little she could do to fight the hunger that ran rampant at the encampment. She spent the days visiting with the sick and wounded soldiers, and nights sitting by the fire knitting wool stockings and mending clothing for the soldiers. She also organized the Wives of the other Officers at Valley Forge into sewing circles to repair clothing.


Martha Washington was a shining example for the other officer's wives all through the conflict.

Three cheers for Martha Washington, American Patriot and our FIRST First Lady! HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!

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History does not repeat itself, but it most assuredly rhymes!
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American History, no such thing as a single cause
American History, no such thing as a single cause

History is a muddy mess! If someone tells you ANY event in history happened due to one thing or issue, RUN! They are an idiot! Example 1:American Revolution. What caused it? Taxes, representation, military over reach, distance, King George? All good answers but there are hundreds more! Example 2: "Civil War" was all about slavery. Lincoln called for the invasion in 1861 yet he created West Virginia in 1863 as a NEW UNION SLAVE STATE. Many more examples are out there...

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