Black PR is also PR, does bad news attract attention?


If fake news is written, then someone needs it. What for?

To create hype and harm to competitors.

Companies can spread fake news about their products to boost sales. Often not even on their own behalf. Big news, attractive product, fake comments. Black PR is also PR, bad news draws attention to the subject of discussion just as good as good news. The main thing is to talk about them.

The reverse side is when false information about other people's failures is spread. For example, Coca-Cola faced the spread of a fictitious report on the content of parasites in soda. The expectation is that you will buy less of this drink and want to forward this news to your friends. So unscrupulous companies try to harm competitors.

For market manipulation.

In 2015, a fake Bloomberg website (.market instead of .com) broke the news that Google was buying Twitter for $31 billion. The news caused Twitter stock to soar 8%. Then, of course, they returned to their previous value, but the fake news distributors managed to make a good profit.

Elon Musk, with his careless tweets, is able to change the situation on the market, because of this he even had problems with the SEC (US Securities Commission). He recently tweeted the word “Doge”, after which the cost of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency immediately soared by 19%, and over the next day by 47.5%.

For political advantage.

Fake news spread on Facebook is blamed for Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 election. Many third-party sites posted their made-up news on Facefook, slinging mud at candidate Hillary Clinton. This attracted attention, since the majority was for her. Some believed and changed their choice, others commented furiously, helping the spread of these fakes and increasing the income of their creators. This is a prime example of how the manipulation of fake news can affect the political situation in a country where it can be influenced.

Well, fake news is only occasionally written for entertainment. Either today is April 1, or you have landed on a site with absurd news. In other cases, they try to make money on you, divorce you or change your attitude towards something.

Fake news authors know that you are too lazy to check the information. Break them! And this is where the Exorde protocol can help. Exorde is built around a core platform that provides unbiased credibility scores for information (and virality-related analytics) based on the community, AI modules, and a token-based economy.

Exorde uses an open source decentralized protocol to collect data from around the world. The project is based on the idea of ​​decentralization, which guarantees data neutrality and transparency. Exorde aims to extract and sell brand/cryptocurrency/share reputation scores based on what people say on social media.

Exorde receives input URLs for public information such as social media posts, press articles, photos, and videos. These URLs are then processed in a decentralized data pipeline that produces output graphs linking all similar data and facts. The analyzed content is stored in an archive that has open access, so any person can access the original information at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Exorde is run by its DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and uses community votes and polls. Management will be decentralized among all members of the community. Collectively, they will be able to change the internal rules and parameters of the systems (rewards, limits, delays, scheduling, etc.) and will have a built-in reputation system. These mechanisms are designed to continually align the interests of the community and its governance for the benefit of Exorde.

Written by Moonvoyager
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