My Hydro adventure on Bitforex

My Hydro adventure on Bitforex

I will tell you about my Hydro Transfer to BitForex. I signed up there at the beginning of the year. I decided to diversify my crypto portfolio in the last days, in my previous experience I concluded that it was the thing that worked best for me.

From my 2 first withdrawals I obtained 3907 Hydros. Then I deposited them on Ether Wallet.  Today I decided to transfer them from Metamask Ether Wallet to Bitforex. For me every transfer to a new place is like a new story because I still feel like I don't have a full domain of it. Finally I transfered 3800 Hydros there. What a beautiful surprise 70 BF Tokens were waiting there for me, I got them from some airdrop;  I didn't remember about them and since the last time, they increased value. 


So it sums up all together at this moment around 8 dollars. In case you want to trade or exchange Hydro to Ethereum or USDT, it seems to be a good site; I share an affiliation link: in case you want to do the same thing. Bitforex referral has the following rules:  Every time a friend completes a transaction, you will get multiple trading fees commission.

  • Invite first level friends, you can get 30% trading fees commission.
  • Invite second level friends, you can get 10% trading fees commission.
  • Invite third level friends, you can get 10% trading fees commission.

In case you decide to exchange it for USDT the render of the trader view looks like this:


I am not an expert in technical analysis of charts but from the basics I have studied we are at this moment on May 19th, I don't like the current level for selling, so I will keep waiting until it reaches my desired levels for trade. But considering I am going on a trip on Tuesday, I will let my Hydros and BF tokens there resting for a while.

So finally I got acquainted by this site and I am looking forward for tomorrow's withdrawal, that's the juicy one, around 4,300 Hydros are going to be wired to my Ethereum Wallet. Soon I will have to do something similar with my Presearch token. I am quite honest to all of you: I am a huge enemy of all kind arrangements - the tedious verification procedures really get on my nerves, I just don't like them, although I am aware that they are necessary to assure proper management of our assets.

BTW, I would like to thank to all of you for all the support on Publish0x - I've had a great experience with this site and definitely recommend it to anyone who want to earn cool cryptos for reading, writing articles or sharing referral of this site. I discovered something about myself, writing really relaxes me and makes me happy, it's fun for me; I replaced Facebook for Publish0x. The difference is that I learn new things plus I make some Hydros. So if anyone wants to join, here you can do it:

I would like to tell you, I will be out of my city for few weeks - doing some arrangements, at this moment I am packing all our vegan food for trip like bullet coffee, high protein pastas, my vegan hemp protein, spices, etc.;  so I will be back again with cool articles next month. I will be covering topics related to healthy life style, Bitcoin Cash, crypto exchanges, trading opportunities and new promissing projects. At this moment I recommend you to take a look at CNN, SHE and TOP Network - they were hitting their lows this week, so it might be a good moment to buy; but always check it according your technical and fundamental analysis, and remember there are still chances that something may go as not planned.

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