Level 10 on Uptrend and why I love Uptrennd

Level 10 on Uptrend and why I love Uptrennd

On July 10th, I got into Level 10. It took me aprox. 2 months and half to get here. 

I think I haven’t ever introduced myself.

My name is Jan Bouda. I was born in Czech Republic in 1976, so I lived some years of communism and few years after velvet revolution in 1989. When I was 18, I moved to Mexico. I am living in two cities – Monterrey (very hot city in the Northeast of the country) and currently in Mexico City (warm and rainy city). So as I say I have 5 lovers: First of all - my fiancé of course, who is such a great woman; Finances, Marketing, Cryptos and Cats. 

When I signed up to Uptrennd, I thought at the beginning, another crypto site but let’s see what happens and let’s give it a try.

Well, today I can totally affirm the following:

Uptrennd totally works out for me for many reasons:

1) You learn here new things every day. A lot of tips are being shared by a lot of crypto enthusiasts, which you can apply for your cryptocurrency staking, trading, mining, etc. That means you can grow in different areas of cryptosphere. You are also learning what not to do, what to be careful with based on other cryptolovers’ experiences.

2) It’s so different from traditional social media (Facebook, etc.) because here you get paid for all your effort in different ways:

- by creating posts

- for your engagement, this topic I have discussed in this article: https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/engagement-is-a-good-business-for-all-uptrenndians~MjE5MjQ

- for your daily activity – up to 10 points

- by participating on all different activities: rain drops, contests

- by referring Uptrennd to other people.

- by referring your airdrops on Uptrennd

3) When you advance to another level, each upvote worths 0.1 points more and it’s challenging more.

4) When you participate on airdrops, you learn new things from Trivias plus it’s a lot of fun.

5) You can earn 1UP token, which is a deflationary token, so that means it will worth more in the future. This token is being already traded on exchanges.

6) You count on support of highly professional Uptrenndian team who boost your upvote and provide you guidance

7) It’s a hot growing crypto social media and new interesting things are coming for all Uptrenndians. I can tell that it never becomes a routine because Uptrennd has a variety of dynamics.

8) It’s a residual income that you can save for any rainy days.

9) It’s a good business because you can participate on Uptrennd from your home, which is a great advantage in case of my city where there is a lot of traffic.

10) I feel happy because I have been dedicating some time to publishing crypto oriented articles, which I enjoy a lot and it’s become a profitable passion for me.

11) Plus there is another advantage, if you are studying English, this is a great way how to enhance your reading, listening and writing comprehension, plus you get paid for it.

12) All the Uptrenndians we are raising a crypto awareness in this world, where cryptos just rock and make much better option instead of traditional fiat investments.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, I highly recommend Uptrennd; and if you want to share your posts and earn 1UP token in so many different ways,
develop your social media abilities and sign up on:



Into crypto and cats.

Amazing world of cryptos
Amazing world of cryptos

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