Let's program our content for October

Dear Publishers0x,

Hope you are doing fine. BTW navigating on  Publish0x and Uptrennd gets every time more exciting. Both sites are growing big time. Today I will tell what kind of posts I will be publishing in October.

What shall I publish?

I made my decision that 75% of my content will depend on my previous tip results of your published posts.


How many posts shall I publish?

There is no universal answer. That will depend on each person – I am committed to produce 3 OC posts per week. In case I would feel more inspired, I could do perhaps 4 but no more 5 posts because I take care of quality.

I made a personal decision not to publish from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, unless there would be something that I wanted to share immediately those days. From Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, there is less traffic on the platform, so I will dedicate myself  more to engagement these days instead of posting content. If I felt so inspired to write on Saturday evening, I would write it in Word and I’d publish it on Monday – one of the busiest day on Publish0x. On Publish0x I personally have seen that it didn't work for me posting at night of Central Time. I prefer mornings.

My new content

Last month I dedicated a lot to write posts on Bitcoin and some crypto blogging tips. I like to get out of my comfort zone and I wanna cover new things and new ways how to do it.

My October’s 12 posts

There will be one post dedicated per week to one TOP 50 cryptocurrency. (4 per month)

There are going to be some posts, at least 3 per month dedicated to cryptoblogging strategies. I want to cover in one of them the part of strategic management. I think we have been talking a little bit before about goals, but in order to reach them, we need some strategies and tactics as well. And I want to write something about images, they are very essential too.

There will be one post about Trading strategies – I will have to research on it. Juan asked me for this post, so I will do at least 1. Some Trenndians are very experienced traders but a lot of us aren’t into it, and it may feel challenging to get into this for some of us.

Also 1 post about hoddling and trading, and it’s a pretty good challenge, but I go for it.

I want to do 2 videos: 1 will be on Uptrennd and another on Basic Attention Token. Hope you are gonna like it because this would be my first time creating videos.

And I want to write a post on some important exchange.

There may come up other content, sometimes you don´t plan it but suddenly you get inspired. I already have some ideas, so let’s see what comes out.

I also want to remind you that you can organize your posts per day and per determined schedule.


Observe always, how each Schedule is performed, if you made a plan for 2 weeks and you realized that during the first week something didn’t go as well as you planned it, you can perform your changes.

Remember also that if you write great OC or create cool crypto OC videos, you can publish them also on other crypto social media sites. That is possible and that’s an additional way on how to earn other cryptos as well.

Besides creating your posts, something that is essential is to perform ENGAGEMENT. If someone writes you a comment, try to answer him, make meaningful comments – express your point of views, answer questions; make sure to avoid comments like: Thanks for sharing, nice, cool – because honestly they don’t promote additional discussion. When you are creating discussion, your comments  are another important source of upvotes.

If you have any additional ideas what kind of content shall I be covering, just let me know in comments below this post. Thanks a lot for reading this post. I appreciate so much your preference, motivation and bunch of comments – I really enjoy them.



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Amazing world of cryptos

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