Kickex Referral Program in a Nutshell
Kickex Referral Program in a Nutshell

I wasn’t planning to write an article or shoot a video about Kickex but since my referral network kept growing and lot of people have some doubts, I decided to do this video.

I also decided to explore more all the info related to Kick Exchange because Kick coin has increased a lot its price during the last 2 weeks. 

Here is the list of useful links that can also  help you to get more information:


Join Kickex:


Articles on referral program:


Frozen Airdrop Article:


KYC on KickEx:


If you are interested to get more updates on KickEx Join Uptrennd: Uptrennd  where you get rewarded to post, comment and share.


If you are browsing on Internet, join Presearch where you can earn up to 8 PRE per day for your daily searches.



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Amazing world of cryptos
Amazing world of cryptos

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