Earn, trade, stack, mine and lend cryptos to get ready for your retirement.

When you think in your retirement you may come across with these kind of videos on Youtube like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFH-h8RlwYk

I didn’t post this link to make you feel down but to make ourselves aware of the current situation in order to do some actions.

The pension crisis isn’t happening only in the US, unfortunately it’s happening in many countries. It’s also a new reality for countries of European Union, Asia and other countries. First time I’ve read about it, was from Robert Kiyosaki’s books where he warned about it aprox. 15 years ago.

Governments in many countries are running out of money, the deficits are huge and completely unsustainable. I wrote about it my previous article: https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/cryptos-during-and-after-the-coming-financial-crisis~MTc2NTU=

The huge cuts aren’t only something likely happening in the near future, the fact is that they’re happening right now, as you could have watched in the previous video.

It’s like when you have debts or loans, the first thing to get your liquidity again is to cut some expenses. A lot of governments are aware of that, the ratio of pension on total expenditure is rising due to the fact that the population is rapidly aging, and some of them have begun to approve laws  to reduce the  benefits for retirement.

In my country recently the government decided to cut the expenses on medicines for diabetes, cancer just because of the fact that it was around of 30% of total state expenditure. Is it fair? Is it bad? People may have different point of views. What I can say, that if someone has cancer when he/she is retired, he won’t get those medicines for free or for reasonable price, so you’d better retire wealthy.

I estimate the probability to get decent pension for older age in many countries today is below 50%.  I even consider the possibility that there won’t be any pension in my country in the next years, perhaps just the basic government help reaching 100-200 dollars per month. I personally can’t figure out how to live from this amount more than 1 week.

Ok, today maybe you are 30 – you may say – there are still 35-40 years missing to get retired. When you get into your 40’s like me, you just tell yourself – Ok, now there are 25-30 years before retirement; it’s time to do something profitable which would guarantee my golden last years of my life. So, what shall I do?

There are different solutions:

1) You can expect your pensions knowing all these previously mentioned facts. That’s not uplifting at all.

2) You can invest additional money in your pension fund. Ok, that may work but we have to remember that these ones are invested in stock exchanges, so their yields will be depending on stock market moves. That may be risky too.

3) You can develop your own business, based on previously written business plan.

4) Invest money in stocks or in Forex. If you count on trading skills, it may be highly profitable but it also can imply certain deal of risk if you don’t count on enough expertise. There are Forex sites which state that 80% of forex investors will get loss. When you read this, that sounds kind of risky, doesn’t it?

5) You can invest money and get residual income.

First I came across with this concept when I worked in a multilevel marketing. That means you develop a network of affiliates, and you may get % on their sales. That is possible, the only failure of traditional multilevel companies is that a lot of people abandon these companies for many different reasons, probably they get lured for other better multilevel concept or they just don’t see profitable results; they usually don’t their affiliates about it, you discover it as time goes by.

5) Rise of crypto investments, crypto residual incomes and all the crypto potential growth.

Bitcoin’s value: I personally see this option as one of the most profitable one. For example you acquire 1 BTC for 11,000 dollars or its corresponding fraction. It doesn’t have to be only Bitcoin, it can be any other altcoin. But before you acquire it, it’s worthy to perform some fundamental analysis based on white paper for each cryptocurrency or read about it, and get informed about it. And of course to perform a technical analysis based on charts. What I mean here, it’s much better to buy Bitcoin for 4,500 dollars in March 2019 rather than buying bitcoin in December 2017 for 19,000 dollars, just compare today’s value of 11,000 dollars vs the time when you bought it. The max value of Bitcoin is forecasted in the range of 100,000 USD to 1,000,000.  For example JP Morgan analysts forecasted the digital gold’s value for 250,000 dollars in few years.

IMO the best option is to get diversified cryptofolio where you stack cryptos of your interest. Sometimes you may think that one crypto will multiply its value but it doesn’t and the other crypto in your portfolio becomes much more profitable instead. For example I was thinking last December that XRP would be by this July at least 1 dollar, so I invested my fiat into XRP and when I saw the real prices in 2019, I switched my XRP investment to BAT and BCH.

Another good option is to earn free cryptos on the crypto social media of your preference on a daily basis such as 1 UP token on Uptrennd. Probably today some people may say, it is only 0.05 dollar each token. But what I have seen in this crypto dynamic social media that their user base is growing very quick, as well as the participation of all uptrenndians plus it’s a lot of fun to participate on a variety of Uptrennd’s dynamics. You can clearly observe it on weekly leader boards. Just compare the results today vs a month ago, for me the user’s engagement on Uptrennd is a very important factor, that’s what in fact makes this crypto social media more successful. Another thing that I would like to point out here is the deflationary nature of 1 UP Token, just imagine how much this value would get multiplied for upcoming months or years. The deflationary nature of 1 UP token is something that can bring to all Uptrenndians high profits. I am really convinced about Uptrennd, that’s why I recommend it because my progress on Uptrennd was much faster than on other crypto sites, it’s a really user friendly site. So if you feel you want to live this experience, you can do it at:


The advantage of participating on Uptrennd is that you can also publish your articles on other sites such as Publish0x, Honest Cash, Steemit, you name them.

I also like a lot Publish0x where you get on current crypto for your articles and as well as for reading other crypto enthusiasts’ articles. If you want to discover your potential and learn from other crypto lovers, just subscribe here: https://www.publish0x.com/?a=N1aMQAQaWm

You can also withdraw your cryptos to your Ethereum wallet every week if you reach at least value of 0.5 USD. I realized that I forgot to mention referrals earnings you can make on Uptrennd, Publish0x and all the special promotions, contests that are being held on these sites. I love the rain drops held on Uptrennd on Mondays as well as the current Publish0x contest being held there.

 So, you just pick your site depending on your preference; what I can say it’s so much better than Facebook or Instagram because here you learn and meanwhile you earn your cryptos.

Another way how to make cryptos is to perform common daily tasks such as browsing online, that’s the example of Presearch, where you get paid for 32 daily searches. If you sign up here: https://www.presearch.org/signup?rid=890767

 Presearch will grant you 25 PRE tokens.

 Probably the value of PRE has decreased a lot in the last weeks, but I prefer to make my daily 8 PRE rather than nothing on my usual Internet browser. Another good pick is Brave which runs on BAT crypto currency. BAT is my favorite crypto of this year. Its value has been doing pretty good, plus you can grant tip to other crypto lovers on Youtube and Twitter, just remember to connect your Brave Rewards account to your Uphold wallet.

If you want to make your crypto experience as profitable as possible you can also trade your cryptos on exchanges; probably this option isn’t for everyone but I think it’s a good one. The most important thing on trading is to maintain your emotions under control and learn the basis of technical analysis. Another perhaps riskier trading is leveraged crypto trading such as Prime XBT. I started doing leveraged trading 3 days ago, and I accumulated 12% of profit in the last 3 days, but today for example I earned 0%. It’s important to mention this as well, even though it’s not that glamorous to recognize that you will not increase your crypto value every day. There may be good trading days and also the ones - let’s call them just regular ones. If you feel that your trading day is so-so, don’t push yourself hard and better return to trading the following day with colder head. It’s important to enter into the market, respecting the resistance and support levels, a bit of knowledge of technical indicators may be a great help too, believe what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

If you want to practice your trader’s skills, I recommend XM.com demo. It’s a forex based site, but you can trade there crypto usd pairs too: BTC/USD, XRP/USD, ETH/USD.

The PrimeXBT referral is a great option because here you can make up to 20% commission on your referral’s investments that’s why it’s also a good option for passive income. So if you want to explore PrimeXBT investment opportunity just subscribe at: https://primexbt.com?signup=82968.

My personal testimony: I invested money, I traded something, I withdrew my profits successfully without any problems and exchanged those BTC into other cryptos.

Other ways how to make your cryptos are:

  • Cloud mining: So far I have tried Eobot and Electroneum and they just work for me. If you want to try Eobot, you can sign up here:
  • Faucets
  • Referrals 
  • Earning free cryptos when new cryptos are being launched to the market. For example a new crypto Ontology became very successful in the last months. Now it’s in the position 20 or 21 in terms of market capitalization.
  • Discovering new hot cryptos: One of them in my opinion is Hydro, the growth potential of Hydro is huge. Their products such as app based wallets are great tool for today’s ecommerce era and you can check their road map in Project Hydro site. Publish0x usually pays to their members in Hydros. That was the site where I discovered this great crypto. So it’s pretty cool to see your Hydros in your Ethereum wallet or on Bitforex exchange. So perhaps 10,000 Hydros today are 16 dollars, just imagine the value of the same Hydros in few years, we may be talking in hundreds or thousands of dollars, that’s what I personally expect from Hydro and that’s why I keep my Hydros because of their unlimited earning potential. Probably you would call me so optimistic but if one project is established on solid basis the outlook can beat many forecasts.
  • Getting paid in cryptos for reading articles in different sites such as New Dog’s app in India where you can make CNN. Today 1,000,000 CNN = 180 dollars but how about in 2020?
  • Coinbase – your money on your debit card is invested in cryptos. So just imagine in April you have 1 Bitcoin- that means 4000 dollars. You spend 2,000 dollars on your vacations. So you still have there 0.5 Bitcoin, and 2 months later that 0.5 BTC equals to 5,600 dollars, so now you have 0.5 Bitcoin less but 1,600 dollars more, I think that’s still a good deal in today’s world. That’s the magic of crypto investment when there is a bull run like this year. I just find it great, but you have to consider also the opposite scenario it wouldn’t be that great to have it there during the crypto winter that occurred last year. Coinbase also hosts courses where you can earn determined cryptos if you pass short courses. That program only applies for user from certain countries.


  • Crypto loans: If you own Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, BCH, DAI, BTG you can lend your cryptos to others and getting paid a lucrative interest rate. You don’t sell them and you live from your interests. The most important cryptos in this area is Libra Credit, Nexo or Celsius. Another thing is to do it in an opposite way, you need cash for your living but you don’t want to sell your precious but still cheap Bitcoin Cash, so you ask for loan which will be granted depending on your crypto holding position.


Talking about cryptos there are some important crypto funds which are specialized in pension funds.  I researched about one fund which issued a crypto SVK in UK. The project is really promissing , the only limiting requirement is to have 100,000 dollars to become an eligible investor. https://www.svkcrypto.com/


So if you live in London or in UK, please have a closer look at this opportunity.


Some pension funds are starting to invest in cryptos, so it might be a good decision to invest there instead of traditional pension funds due to the multiplying potential of some crypto investments.


So if you are still interested in reaching a better retirement income rather than depending on your fixed pension coming from your hard work consider the crypto choice, where you can earn cryptos, stack them, exchange them, lend or borrow them and create all the  multifactorial strategy besides generating other sources of wealth that would be coming from your other business activities, saving, stocks portfolios, organic gardens, real estates, commodities, gold, silver investments and other possible ways.


I think that we are never too old to learn new things where we can earn a good deal of money for those rainy times. However I consider that the time to get ready for these years has just come and it may be a good idea to do something about it, don’t you think so?



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