Bravo Coin review: Earn cryptos while traveling, dining and going to the movies

Bravo Coin review: Earn cryptos while traveling, dining and going to the movies


I often like to experience and test new crypto products.  I am going to talk in a very comprehensive way about Bravo app. 

6 weeks ago I installed Bravo app  on my mobile. It’s like Google Customer Review but in a crypto version which pays you Bravo coin. You can post review, checkin or post photographs.

When I installed this app on mobile, I really didn’t have many expectations. But I joined there because I wanted to review Uptrennd, of course with 5 stars. All the reviews and mentions of Uptrennd, help to improve our Google ranking too, that was my purpose first of all.

I reviewed 2 movies, 2 restaurants, Uptrennd and Huobi. I closed the app and I didn’t check it, after 2 weeks, I found out that I got 90 Bravo Coins. And started to have new friends.

Then I started to add more reviews. While my fiancé is converting people into vegans in front of the dairy section in the supermarket, I am writing my reviews. 

Last 3 days I hit the road, I slept in three hotels and ate in 6 restaurants. 

So for example I came across with the best Thai restaurant in Mexico – Orquideas in San Miguel de Allende, so I reviewed it with 5 stars and my comment. The comment should have at least 25 words. So you cannot post only a short phrase like “It was awesome” because you wouldn’t be allowed to post the review.

So I could review movies, books, airports, restaurants, hotels, services, cryptos, dapps and others. If you participate in the Google’s program you don’t get paid for it, with Bravo you do.  

The crypto you get is subjected by curation model. The curation model is similar to the model of Steem apps. The worth of your vote depends on your Bravo holdings and on the frequency you voted. All the rewards you can add them to Bravo wallet. I still haven’t withdrawn any Bravo coin. The amount of Bravo coins you can earn will also depend on the product/service you review and the number of friends you have.

One important thing, you don’t get immediately all your Bravo rewards, you obtain the rewards few days later; so you have to be patient. It works a little bit as Uptrennd, if you want to get upvotes, you have to also curate the content of your friends or other people on Brave.

Despite the recent Bitcoin plunge, Bravo increased 72% in the last 7 days. The value of this crypto is pretty volatile. Today it was 0.011 USD at 5 pm, now it’s double 0.023 USD. So at this moment I could say, I earned around 4 dollars.

For me reviewing, comes as a responsibility because I have to be objective. It’s like recommending something to my best friends. I couldn’t say it was 5 star hotel, if something wouldn’t go that right, so I’m pretty strict about it. Besides crypto earning, it is also touristic promotion for many restaurants, touristic attractions, hotels of my country. So I have to be fair, just and objective.

The other day, I had an issue, I visited a famous recommended place in one town, the food was pretty good, the service very good, but the supervisor’s bitchy mood totally killed it – so even if I liked the place, I couldn’t rate it with 5 stars. I also liked the fact that I added many new places of San Miguel de Allende (one of the best rated touristic town in the world) to review of this app, and a lot of people from other countries are becoming very interested in visiting these cool places.

Talking about movies, I reviewed Joker which was a very impressive movie and the last Terminator which turned out to be the second worst Terminator sequel in my opinion, I really didn’t like it.

And I almost forgot, for every referral you can get up to 10 Bravo Coins.

So let’s earn crypto by doing responsible reviews while having fun! Believe me, each review won’t take you more than 3-5 minutes of your time, plus you get rewarded for it.



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