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By Bit India | Bit India's AMA Room | 21 Jan 2022

Thanks a lot for actively participating in the MetaRim AMA held on 18th Jan 2022 at the Bit India. We really appreciate all your support. This post is a recap of the entire session held with MetaRim.


Hey everyone I am pleased to have you with us @TobyyMetarim Today 🤗


We will have 3 Segments
1st: Introduction
2nd: 5 questions from Twitter
3rd: Live Questions At venue Location

Before starting the Introduction, we'll mute the chat First.


Toby, welcome to the Bitindia Community! We’re super excited to have you with us today. To start off, could you briefly introduce yourself, so everyone gets to know you better?😊


Ans: Hello everyone, I'm Toby and from the UK. I'm the CEO of MetaRim.


I am a multidisciplinary visual and sound artist. I graduated from the Royal College of Art with a degree in Contemporary Art Practice.


My conceptual and critical practice is a celebration of evolving ideas through experimentation, futurism, and dialogue.


I have exhibited at Pi Artworks, the Royal College of Music, the Barbican Centre in London, the Bastioni Society in Florence, and the Coventry Biennial, and have been featured on Radio 4, Radio 6, and Channel 4.


Public projects have included working with Coops UK on radical business concepts; forming the collective record label Crocodile Laboratories; working with the Future Narrative Lab to develop research into the stories that shape our present and future ideologies.


Host: Wow, it's amazing to know about yourself, Very interesting and multi-tasking, 👏🏻🥳


For the 1st section, Our team has prepared some questions for you. Please say "DONE", after you finish answering each question.


Let's move towards segment 1,

will put up four questions from Twitter 🧑🏻‍💻


Host: Here is our Question 1st: What's the MetaRim project & Aiming for?


Ans: The Meta Rim NFT is a collection of 8, 888 unique mecha avatars which are designed with the concept of quality of quantity. Each avatar, containing hundreds of elements, is an original artwork with its own color palette, and distinctive attributes.


First and foremost there will be works of art with a collectors value, featuring completely unique NFTs designed to ignite the imagination of the mecha fandom. Bringing mecha fans an exciting rare work of art that will be treasured as part of the Meta Rim narrative.


Secondly, these will serve as the bridge for us to build our community and communication for the upcoming Gamefi games, which will bring additional value and profits as the progress of the project and into the future.


Host: It sounds good that all NFTs are originally original artwork with its own color palette 💥 it makes value 💪🏻


TobyyMetarim: Yea, that's true


Here is our 2nd Question


Host: so there will be some great benefits for NFT Holders?


Ans: Yes, holders will have great benefits.


Here is our 3rd Question


Host: Here is our Q3: There are quite a lot of NFT projects. Are there any particular points other projects? Any specialty that makes metal rim different then other projects🌟


Ans: The international design team has been working hard to create an exciting, futuristic, and immersive mecha experience for GameFi players.


Through a series of iterative experiments, we have created models based on stylized drawings and modern mechanical aesthetics by using hard surface modeling.


In the game, we developed mecha with different styles based on the various topographical, ecological, mythological, and social dimensions of 10 regions of the world. These locations cover five continents, mainly around the Pacific Rim, including the USA, Brazil, Egypt, Argentina, Turkey, Japan, China, Russia, Australia, and Vietnam.


We designed these mechas in the hope that they would evoke a sense of belonging and place, as well as inspire curiosity and adventure.


We empower MetaRim NFT with a variety of play methods to meet pilots’ different needs. We will always ensure the value of the mecha.


Host: That sounds cool & if it really likes as at is what I'm thinking, it'll definitely gonna makes peoples crazy 😋


TobyyMetarim: Haha good to hear, that's truly awsome


Here is our 4th Question


Host: Here is our Q4: What play methods of MetaRim NFT exactly are?


Ans: First generation < Second generation < Third generation < Fourth generation < Fifth generation < Original generation. Star custom NFTs and co-branded NFTs belong to Sixth generation of mecha.

In addition, MetaRim NFT will have synthetic destruction mechanism.
3 first generation mechas can synthesize 1 second-generation mecha.
3-second generation mecha can synthesize 1 third generation mecha.

In this order, the synthesis limit is five generations of mecha, and the original generation of mecha can not be synthesized. In the process of synthesis, the same amount of energy source RIM will be dropped each time.

Lastly, pilots who hold MetaRim NFT will all receive token airdrops. The number of airdrop tokens will vary depending on the level of the mecha.


Host: I Damn Sure people will definitely want take advantage through this 😁 

I'm just a little curious to know about, is there any MetaRim Game Trailer or Teaser released ??


TobyyMetarim: Yes, not only the NFT level but also different attributes will be reflected in subsequent games


Hahha we have this one


Our team is still working hard to integrate inspirational creations


Here is our 5th Question


Host: Here is our Q5: As we know You have distributed or sold out MetaRim NFT, what’s the next plan?


Ans: We sold out 7,777 NFT mecha. We just announced NFTs’ rare attributes and play methods. Also, we will public these synthesis features soon, then allow users to maximize the use of existing mecha.

Meanwhile, our game is under intense development, and we expect to have the first round of testing versions in late Feb. We will release an updated version with more features every month.

After that, we will further develop the metaverse by using more social elements to build a MetaRim world. In that space, users can build their own houses and open their own stores. We will also build some public space, including a movie theater, galleries, a concert hall, etc.


Host: OMG, so it's gonna Fully VR Game, it's making me crazy, So I guess there will be Lands as well in MetaRim Metaverse?


TobyyMetarim: In our follow-up plans, we will strive to achieve these gradually.


Host: as we all know, there is a total of 8,888 NFTs so what about the remaining 1111 NFTs ??


TobyyMetarim: These we will cooperate with stars and also serve as airdrops.


Host: Okay so let's finish this Introduction segment right now here & let's move towards our next segment. 🚀


Let's move towards segment 2,

will put up three questions from Twitter 🧑🏻‍💻


Here are our 1st question from Twitter

One of the most common issues is that most investors nowadays are just concerned with short-term gains and do not consider long-term rewards. Is it possible for you to give them some reasons why they should buy and hold #RIM tokens over time?


Ans: Of course, we will release game content in the future. NFT will first reflect different attributes in the game, which will be full of surprises; the pledge of NFT in the game will continue to generate token income. At present, NFT is also a deflationary model. Profits will also increase.


Here are our 2nd question from Twitter

Many games nowadays charge a high fee to start the game & therefore start with a small player base. Does metarim have an entry fee or initial requirement & if so, what is it? Do I need to hold NFT or hold some tokens to enjoy & play?


Ans: Entering the game needs to consume NFT and Rim, so you need to hold NFT or Rim.


Here are our 3rd question from Twitter

Can you tell us some of the latest achievements made by the Project? Can you describe in details the current development efforts, such as market expansion plans, expected applications & new upcoming programs of events?


Ans: We are currently preparing for Binance's IGO; we are about to hold an IDO, we are working on developing games and the metaverse, and we are also working on the story creation of the Metarim world. We will bring you more surprises in the future, please stay tuned.


Host: Awesome 🤩 looking forward to this 🚀🚀🚀

its really gonna shock the community 🚀

everybody is really excited about this 🚀

So Binance IGO is kind of the same as IDO?


TobyyMetarim: IGO sells games, not white lists


Here are our 4th question from Twitter

Your foundation idea is very new, so it takes a lot of formula and takes a long time to develop. This must have been a tricky point for you? Do you agree that the strength of the community will lead your project to grow globally?


Ans: Of course, we can involve more community forces to help us grow together.


Host: Probably you should build an Asian community, we and our community will support you in Metarim growth 🤝


TobyyMetarim: I'm grateful for that😁


Here are our 5th question from Twitter 

Many P2E games have a dual token system. But metal rim has only a single token #RIM, With 1 token for all features including P2E, players after acquiring them will sell them and will cause token inflation. So how will #RIM ensure a stable economy and combat token inflation?


Ans: This is the mechanism setting in the late game. Our game setting is: the tokens in the game have a deflation mechanism.


Host: Great 👍👍


Let's unmute the chat now for Community.
🚀Let's listen from the community now. We will be opening flood gates in a few seconds for Community. Let's go 🚀 (Segment 3)


Chat Closed🙈


Host: @TobyyMetarim you can select the 5 best questions according to you.


1st: IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?


Ans: Our project welcomes everyone to participate, players at any stage have the opportunity to participate, and we are very friendly.


2nd: Your Project has a plan to educate the community, thereby raising awareness, applying, and helping more people understand you easily?


Ans: We will also conduct AMAs to introduce Metarim in other communities in the future. We can also see from the previous dialogue that we are working hard to obtain conditions for everyone to participate, so we need to go both ways.


3rd: How many team members do you have? Do they have enough experience in the blockchain field? Do they have any experience working in crypto and non-crypto projects?


Ans: Our game production team has a lot of experience in traditional games. The director was in charge of the operation of games such as “Shadowbane”, "Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos”, "Implosion", "VOEZ" and "Cytus II" in nails and Rayark. He was mainly responsible for the commercialization adjustment of the games in various regions.


4th: Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?


Ans: + Website:
+ Twitter:
+ Instagram:
+ Discord:


5th: Most of the users are still not aware of Blockchain & its related projects! So, How Does Your Project platform create awareness about their project with NON-CRYPTO users too?


Ans: We will co-brand some stars to promote Metarim and let everyone see us more.


Host: Great Work 👍👍


TobyyMetarim: I feel everyone's enthusiasm for the project. Please continue to follow us in the future. I still have some things to do. Thank you again for your support today. That's it for today's questions. Follow us and follow us for more information and surprises for you.


Host: Oh yeah, Everyone Do follow their social media handles for upcoming events and more insight on the project. Great, that was really valuable info for the community. Let me thank you too @TobyyMetarim 😃 for joining our chat group today and sharing insights on the project 😎Thanks for this constructive session. This will help our community to learn more about your project. Best wishes to you & your project. A great future lies ahead. Hope to see you again. Thanks again.

This concludes our AMA.


we'll release the chat in the next few minutes.. ✅
Congratulations to all AMA winners 🎊🎊



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