Why BCH losing so many investors?

By Alther | Alther | 12 Feb 2023

BCH or bitcoincash is getting worse as a fighter for electronic cash crypto, which can be seen from the condition of their declining position on the coin market chart. Indeed, to say the most obvious is because of the existence of divisions in the bitcoincash community itself, where since the incident the presence of BSV and E-Cash bitcoincash has been declining on the market chart.

But apart from these two things, there are the biggest things that bitcoincash developers and their fanatical community should remember. What should be remembered and studied in more depth is the existence of space to appreciate investors who are willing to fund the existence of the bitcoincash community itself.


The diminishing support from investors has exacerbated bitcoincash's journey in fighting for their vision and mission in the cryptocurrency realm.

The projects that are present are not projects that should be underestimated in the development of bitcoincash to date. Unfortunately, investors do not see good culture and culture on their side of their own existence, causing concern and growing distrust of the conditions for the existence of the investors themselves.

The polemic that exists within the bitcoincash community is too frenzied from the existence of who are the developers, who are the investors, and who are the supporters. What's worse, it's easy to forget about ready issues that are more appropriate to say as investors in a project that is being carried out.

The conclusion will only continue to worsen bitcoincash's condition back in the context of its development. And in the end, the downturn will continue to occur in line with the progress of other communities that are increasingly improving and respecting who should be given the information as a road projector who continues to maintain the existence of the bitcoincash community itself.


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