What's Important It's Fun

By Alther | Alther | 31 Dec 2021

Doesn't matter what other people think. Make everything as usual. As long as it makes you feel comfortable and makes you happy, any insults or bad influences will be respected. The important thing is fun.

People with shallow thoughts can only think that the problems that come out of themselves are negative towards others. True or false the totality on the tip of his tongue is just an expression of error. Because it has become a habit of the person himself. Become an inner character that has spread in his flesh and blood.

Meanwhile, people who are open-minded bring out more positive things from themselves. Unaccustomed to speaking as long as he speaks carefully, the causes and consequences are carefully considered.

And people who act stupid even though sometimes they are seen as innocent, but usually they think in a positive direction. Because they are used to seeing everyone as equal and good.

Indeed, all human criteria tend to be different. And the use of problems of view, association, and the environment can affect a person's soul. Although not a benchmark, because there are many good people in a bad environment. There are also bad people who are in good circles.

Living the process of life in an environment. Rise, settle, move, be alone, hang out, and so on. There are many things that can be learned and also become problems of course. But most people nowadays are more important being fun. Don't care about what will happen and don't want to be affected in order to live a comfortable life.

No, this is not clear talk. Let's fill the time to wait for the turn of fifteen hours while this writing is written. I do not know what will happen in the future next year. Will there be many changes that occur? Will there be magic for a moment before the turn of time? In the remaining time in 2021. What is certain is the issue of a price that is enough to give a smile filled with happiness. Long-awaited hypocrisy.


Image by _Vane_ from Pixabay 

Even though the time hasn't come yet, I also want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Thank you for being together so far to accompany me in 2021. Complaints and various things have happened and passed. Happiness and sadness. It's not like Korean drama or Indian movies, but a lot has happened. Hopefully, in 2022 everything will be better.


Lead Image by Tumisu from Pixabay 

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